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Full Vehicle Inspections Increase Sales!

 Tablet-Based Inspections with integrated shop management systems make customers happy and increases average repair order invoices.  

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Click on the video to learn how AutoServe1 Digital Vehicle Inspection Software has helped Jeff Hoff’s shop, Gears Plus, in Prince George, B.C., to increase profit as well as build trust with customers! 


Applies to all AUTOPRO, Autocare and Total Quality shops affiliated with NAPA

AutoServe1 and NAPA Canada

NAPA Canada and AutoServe1 have partnered to bring you a bumper-to-bumper digital inspection system that operates in both English and French and is integrated with Protractor, Mitchell 1, AB Magique, GEM-STAR, COSTAR, LANKAR, R.O Writer and many others. It’s also integrated with the HUNTER Alignment Quick Check system.

Consistent Inspections

“You’re being very thorough, and you’re making more money at the same time. It’s a win-win!”

Jim Green – Senior Technician, Beech Motorworks

Create Trust

“I’m excited about this system. I think it’s fantastic. It all comes down to Trust.”

Ethyl – A Motorist and recipient of a digital inspection.

Listening to Customers

Jeff described how AutoServe1 has “..changed the conversation, so now we are listening.”

Jeff Hoff – Co-owner Gear Plus

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Vehicle Inspection Report

Vehicle Inspection Report

Click to see a sample AutoServe1 Vehicle Inspection Report

Download Product Sheet

Download Product Sheet

Download the AutoServe1 – NAPA Canada Product sheet

Referral Program

Referral Program

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