Shop Floor Battleground

Shop Floor Battleground

A series of live training and coaching webinars designed to help you be one of the top shops in North America

Automotive Shop Owner Coaching

The majority of Independent Automotive service and repair shops are started by automotive technicians who are intelligent, knowledgeable and hard working people. But when you open an automotive shop there is a complete new set of skills and knowledge required to be a profitable and successful business. Some will have acquired this skill set along the way, but most have had to learn through the school of hard knocks. Sometimes the school of hard knocks is just not fast enough.

Most of you are familiar with the concept of “good, better, best” when it comes to selling. The fact that you are using a shop management system and are implementing other software based systems tells me you are at least a “good” shop. Some of you have taken some management or business training and are now a “better” shop.

We would like to invite you to join the ranks of the “BEST” shops by taking part in our Shop Success Results training webcast series. Throughout this series of live training broadcasts we will bring you the latest in best practices integrating the digital process into the analogue shop, along with training and coaching to improve profitability and reducing stress.  This webcast series is brought to you by AutoServe1 and led by Murray Voth, one of North America’s premier automotive shop management trainers.

Murray VothMurray Voth is a 25 year veteran of the auto service industry has worked with hundreds of shops across the continent, leading them to the Key Performance Indicators that put record profits on their bottom lines. In addition he has provided systems and training that has freed them up from having to work in the business, to working on the business, and the flexibility to come and go as they need. Creating a business that runs by itself, which makes it easier to sell when it comes time to think about your succession planning. Murray’s specialty is leadership, human motivation and providing you with the skills to become an agent of change in your business. Welcome aboard; fasten your seat belts, and get ready for the ride of your life. It’s a one way ticket and you only get one shot at this!


AutoServe1 Introductory Training - 101

Getting Started with AutoServe1 – Learn the Basics in under 12 Minutes

This self paced video takes you from initial account setup through your first inspection. The video is designed in steps to allow you easily jump back or forward to the section you need to learn

Training Webinar

This one hour training webinar will present you with the details about how to begin using AutoServe1 in your shop and how using AutoServe1 will increase both your bottom line and the level of trust between your customers and your shop.  Throughout this session your AutoServe1 support manager will show you the basics and answer all the questions you have about how to get on the road to success.

Our Training Webinars are conducted on the second and last Tuesdays of the month between 3:00PM EST and 4:00PM EST. Please select the link below to register yourself for the session of your choice.

 Second Tuesday of the Month

 Last Tuesday of the Month

Using AutoServe1 with the Protractor SMS

An introduction to AutoServe1 with Protractor

The video below shows you in less than 18 minutes how to create an AutoServe1 inspection in a shop with the Protractor Shop Management System.

Training Webinar

This 60 minute hands on training session will present the essentials of getting AutoServe1 setup and running in your shop alongside with

Our Training Webinars are conducted on the second and last Thursdays of the month between 3:00PM EST and 4:00PM EST. Please select the link below to register yourself for the session of your choice.

Second Thursday of the Month

Last Thursday of the Month

Digital Inspection Configuration with Builder1

Builder1 – Inspection Builder Tutorial

This brief tutorial video will walk you through the basic steps of either updating one of the supplied AutoServe1 digital inspections or creating your own custom digital inspection..

Weekly Training Webinar

Join this 30 minute hands on training session to learn the essentials of building or customizing your own AutoServe1 inspection with Builder1.

The daytime training webinar is held each Wednesday between 1-2 pm EST. Sessions occurring in the next 30 days are shown below. Please choose the date that you wish to attend.

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