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AutoServe1 Digital Inspection Tool brings a robust platform that allows dealerships to send vehicle reports with photos and videos to customers to deliver exceptional service, trust and experience!

74% of people are likely to purchase their next vehicle from a dealer if they returned for service
35% of people are likely to purchase their next vehicle from a dealer if they did not return for service

A New and Exciting Solution for Dealership

DriveThru check-in process with Autoserve1

  1. This feature allows Service Advisor the ability to scan the vehicle’s barcode and find any pending appointment.
  2. They then can open a new inspection and using photos and videos to document the exterior and interior of the vehicle.
  3. Inspections are automatically updated within AutoServe1 after the creation of the RO from your DMS.
  4. They then proceed with the current workflow of inspecting the vehicle with AutoServe1’s DVI by the techs in your shop.
  5. Allowing a report to be sent to your customer’s smartphone with picture/video as proof of the needed repairs.

Creating Trust and transparency while driving up your $/RO.

AutoServe1 digital vehicle inspections with pictures on tablet and phone


Simply enter your information to learn how you can increase your average repair order by 25%

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Kole Hicks
Director, Global Dealer Sales

As technology continues to advance, your strategy for helping millennials make repair decisions must change too. It is imperative for your dealership to provide them with quick, transparent, and trustworthy service.


Autoserve1’s Digital Inspection Service allows you to record custom inspections with pictures, videos, and training materials, and then to send the report to your customers via text message or email.

This helps customers check reports on-the-go and understand the repairs needed in an easy way – building trust and transparency at every stage of the process.

On the back-end, AutoServe1 supports seamless integration with DMS, provides an analytics dashboard to track tickets issued and progress, and provides the ability to create custom inspections based on your shop’s needs.

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Vehicle Inspection Report

Vehicle Inspection Report

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