Digital Inspections and Integrated Workflow Made Easy

In this live webinar Jamie Cuthbert, Founder and President of AutoServe1, discusses some of the difficulties faced by shop owners today while trying to communicate with motorists about the value of needed service and how AutoServe1 helps to overcome those obstacles leading to substantially increased revenue. A key component to increasing sales is establishing trust. Jamie demonstrates how an inspection report with pictures and videos delivered right to the customer’s smartphone or email provides complete transparency about what’s wrong and what’s not wrong with their car. And since the vehicle owner can review the report on their own away from the shop they are able to educate them selves about recommended service without pressure or embarrassment. This is especially important when someone else might need to be consulted for approval such as a parent or spouse. Then, with remote and phone assistance from the shop’s service manager, they can make informed decisions about their service letting the pictures and videos sell the service.