Great success for AutoServe1 at OK TIRE Conference 2015!

Main Photo: R-L AutoServe1’s Melanie Billing, Al Salmond OK TIRE Franchise Owner.

We’re back from the warm sunshine of Las Vegas and have returned to the frosty Southern Ontario weather after an exciting weekend at the OK TIRE Annual Conference! It was extremely wonderful to put faces to names and finally meet so many great people. We were humbled by the amount of people that came by our booth to learn more about us!

Our extreme gratitude goes out to our existing OK TIRE shop owners who gave up their time to be scheduled as part of our growing Masters Group, in which they talked about the success they are having using AutoServe1 in their shops. Speaking of, Al Salmond (OK TIRE Franchise Owner in Meadow Lake, Sk) even logged into his store on one of our tablets and was able to show – first hand – how AutoServe1 Software is working for his customers. He went through an actual Customer Report, which includes a detailed summary as well as pictures, videos (of their actual vehicle/parts) and information to help customers approve more repair orders by creating trust at the point of decision. Another one of our Masters Group members, Jean-Rene Roberge  (OK PNEUS in Ville-Marie, QC) showed our French-speaking customers some new examples of our AutoServe1 Software.

Again, it was so great meeting everyone who attended the OK TIRE Annual Conference 2015! We greatly appreciate the feedback/suggestions we were given for our product and look to incorporating these things into future software upgrades. Stay tuned for more details about our next trade show appearance at Vision Expo March 5th-8th!

Here some of our new users!

Angela Gosselin and Darwin Davis – OK TIRE Warman

Jack and Sharon Dubois – OK TIRE Albert Street – Prairie Store of the Year

Eric Lafond -OK TIRE New Liskeard

Luc & Marianne Murry – National Store of the Year OK TIRE Timmons – with Jean-Rene Roberge