New Seminar Helping to Increase Car Count

Management trainer Kelly Bennett is currently promoting a new online training program called “65 Ways to Increase Your Car Count” and also putting the final touches on a brand new educational facility at the Automotive Retailers Association’s headquarters in Burnaby, B.C. The newly renovated facility will offer a wide range of classes to help people run automotive businesses which Bennett hopes will attract shop owners from across Canada and the US.

Though excited about being able to offer in-class training, he knows that it can be a challenge for shop owners to travel. That’s the reason he began developing a series of instructional videos that could be viewed online. Working with Newcom Business Learning – owned by the company that publishes Canadian Technician magazine – he wrote and filmed “65 Ways to Increase Your Car Count.” Which is a subject he believes to be of critical importance in the auto repair/service world.

“One of the biggest problems in the industry is consistent car count,” he says. “It might be great one week, when you’re run off your feet. And next week there’s no work. How is it that possible? To go from crazy busy to dead? It is so important to even out the work. This [program] represents the best practices of lots and lots of very smart people. We started out with 21 ways to increase your car count. Now we’re up to 65.”

Most new ideas come from Bennett’s successful management classes where he asks participants what they have tried to increase business and what has worked best. While collecting all ideas from these sessions and preserving them on video, Bennett believes it is more beneficial for people to be able to watch online than if they were to travel to a seminar. “You can’t pause the instructor when you go to a workshop. But you can pause this, and go over it again if you need to. Or invite someone to watch it with you.”

The online program is available for purchase at