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AutoServe1 Training Center

Support For Your Auto Repair Team

Our informational videos and webinars will help you get up and running quickly with AutoServe1.

Getting Started with AutoServe1

Our video takes you from initial account setup through your first inspection. The video is designed to allow you to easily jump backward or forward to the section you’d like to focus on.

AutoServe1 Basics Training Webinar

If you prefer an interactive training session, your support manager will walk you through the basics and give you tips to increase your revenue using AutoServe1 during a one-hour webinar. Join us on the second and last Tuesdays of the month between 3:00PM EST and 4:00PM EST. Please select the link below to register for the session of your choice.

Second Tuesday of the Month Last Tuesday of the Month

Builder1 – Inspection Builder Tutorial

This brief tutorial video will walk you through updating one of the AutoServe1 digital inspections and creating your own custom digital inspection.

Builder1 Training Webinar

Join this half hour session to learn how to build and customize your own digital inspection with Builder1. This training webinar is held each Wednesday between 1-2 pm EST. Click the link below to register.

Save My Seat

An introduction to AutoServe1 with Protractor

The video below shows you in less than 18 minutes how to create an AutoServe1 inspection in a shop with the Protractor Shop Management System.

AutoServe1 and Protractor Basics Training Webinar

This one-hour webinar will show the essentials of getting AutoServe1 setup and running in your shop alongside Protractor. Our webinars are conducted on the second and last Thursdays of the month between 3:00 PM EST and 4:00 PM EST. Please select the link below to register.

Second Thursday of the Month Last Thursday of the Month