Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Customize Inspections With Builder1

AutoServe1 didn’t stop at creating vehicle inspection software. We made sure ours is the best to implement, use, and share. Our customizable checklists can be catered to your shop’s unique needs. Use Builder1 to set up a seasonal inspection checklist to run through every summer or create a special in-house inspection designed for certain mileage milestones.

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Builder1 helps you show customers all the work you do to keep their car running reliably, and it pays off when it’s time for them to approve the work! Helping vehicle owners see and understand repairs is the key to earning their trust and loyalty and increasing your average repair order!

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Build Trust With Vehicle Inspections

Completed inspection checklists provide your customers comfort and confidence. They can see that each item on the list was inspected for their individual vehicle.They can trust your team to identify a problem and report it correctly. Putting an inspection checklist in your customer’s hands gives them the power to participate in their auto repair experience.

Configure Checklists
The Way You Want Them

Builder1 gives you the flexibility to customize and configure inspection features for fast and easy inspections. Start with one of our base inspections, like the 50-point courtesy inspection, 100-point courtesy inspection, or 360 digital inspection, or create one entirely your own!

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