Mobile Payments

Mobile Payment Software

Take the Checkout Process Online

Contactless payment software from AutoServe1 allows customers to pay for their auto repairs and services with their smart device. That means they can complete invoices from anywhere. If they’re at home, at the office, or at the store, they can still pay for their car’s service without interruption to their day.

Free Up Your Shop Staff

AutoServe1’s cutting edge software empowers auto repair shops to do more. Instead of checking out customers one-by-one, you can send invoices to customers -- wherever they are. Using our contactless payment software, they can complete the transaction, so your shop gets paid faster.

Optimize Workflow

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Our contactless payment software is integrated with 360 Payments for safe and speedy transaction processing. This partnership allows our shops to combine payments, invoices, and billing as one and operate more efficiently. 360 Payments offers top-notch customer service and is committed to helping you make money!

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