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Success Story Beech Motorworks

Beech Motorworks Goes Digital

A success story about how AutoServe1 helped Beech Motorworks substantially increase their ARO and customer satisfaction in 30 Days.


In operation since 1994, Beech Motorworks has served the Hamilton, ON area providing vehicle computer diagnostic services as well as complete auto repair ranging from engine and transmission replacement to wheel alignment and brake repair. They provide personalized customer service and use the the latest tools and equipment to meet the needs of today’s complex vehicle technologies. Owner, Alan Beech has been customer of Hunter Engineering for over 20 years feeling that it gives his shop a “step up.” As the shop grew and became more successful, Owner Alan Beech turned to stringent process to ensure continued success leveraging Protractor to manage the shop. In early 2016 Beech Motorworks turned to AutoServe1 to provide a tablet based inspection system which integrated with and extended the capabilities of both Protractor and Hunter.


After 30 days using AutoServe1 integrated with their Hunter alignment equipment and their management system Protractor, the shop sees an increase in Average Repair Order (ARO) of 34%. Within 90 days, shop owner determines that he needs a dedicated Quick CheckTM inspection lane and orders a new Hunter equipment with an expected ROI to pay it off in one month.


AutoServe1 provides an integration layer between between the in-shop systems at Beech Motorworks including their shop management system, Protractor, and Hunter Engineering’s alignment and Quick Check systems. This enables a Stem to Stern solution which supports the existing shop process and boosts the ROI for his current Hunter Equipment.

Consistent Inspections Create Trust and Boost your Bottom Line

AutoServe1 allows technicians to document inspections more thoroughly with pictures and videos. This creates client trust because the customer can see the problems for themselves.

Jim Green – Senior Technician

Customers Love It

Beech Motorworks service advisors send inspection results including photos and videos directly to their customers’ smart phones. They love it and usually spend more on an average visit. New customers are blown away by the details. Existing customers have come to expect it and wouldn’t go anywhere else where they do not get that level of service.

Seamless Integration with Protractor

AutoServe1 supports and extends Protractor’s in-shop process with constant communication between the technicians in the back shop and the service writers at the front desk. The integration streamlined and automated the entire workflow at Beech Motorworks.

“Protractor is all about process and process is key to any mechanical repair shop.” Alan Beech – Shop Owner

Hunter Engineering Integrated Inspections

Beech Motorworks has been a Hunter customer for over 20 years and Alan Beech credits much of the shop’s success to their policy to perform a Quick Check courtesy inspection on every vehicle. With AutoServe1, Hunter Quick Check® and Quick Tread® results are immediately integrated into the digital inspection. This allows technicians to quickly conduct full vehicle inspections on every vehicle that comes into the shop. Now, instead of showing the customer the printed results from the Quick Check inspection, the service writers send inspection results to customers by email and text in minutes.

30 Days to Success!

Only 30 days after Beech Motorworks began the fully integrated inspection process for every vehicle they saw a 34% increase in Average Repair Order. After 90 days it increased to a remarkable 44%. Since the shop began generating so much new revenue through this integrated inspection process, Shop Owner Alan Beech decided that they would need a dedicated inspection lane. Since then, the shop ordered a new Hunter Quick Check® system from his Hunter representative, Brad Moffat and they are running ever car that comes in the shop through the inspection lane.