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Jason Marsh

Service Manager – Azar Automotive

“It’s simple and easy to use. AutoServe1 lets us be completely transparent to the customers which is a huge thing in this industry”.

Bryan Gossel

President – BG Automotive – Fort Collins, CO

“The AutoServe1 team have listened to what we need from them and are always looking to make the product better for us while always keeping the customer #1”.

Dave Erb

Owner – Dave’s Ultimate Automotive

“It’s one thing to find all the work a vehicle needs – it’s another for my customers to actually understand what we’re recommending. Since using AutoServe1, our ARO is up 17% and my team and customers love it”.

David Adkins

Dealer Principal – Wilmington Auto Center

“The best thing about AutoServe1 is that the program is simple to use, and simple for the customer to understand. The program goes a long way towards making our shop more transparent to our customers. Taking away the mystery of what is going on with the customers car. A picture is worth a thousand words. This program goes a long way at building trust with our customer base. It also makes it easier to communicate with the customer when they leave their car with us”.

Ray Driggers

Owner – D&R Car Care

“After looking at a multitude of digital inspection companies, we chose AutoServe1. What a fantastic company. They are very responsive to our needs and always answer the call. At D&R Car Care we deal with an abundance of college students. Autoserve1 has made that conversation with the parents extremely easy. There is NO trust issue when you can show the parents exactly what you see. They say pictures are worth a thousand words (and they are), but the videos are fantastic (show a picture of a worn ball joint – VIDEO!). We also deal with a great number of fleet customers. They can file the Autoserve1 report in email files to easily maintain their fleet. I can give you hundreds of reasons to use AutoServe1, but you need to use it to understand. We test drove a free trail and have never looked back”.

Alan Beech

Owner – Beech Motorworks

“With AutoServe1 our customers see what the technicians see and can be involved in the process of choosing the repairs for their vehicle. I don’t have to sell them. They tell us which jobs they want to get done. Using AutoServe1 integrated with both my Hunter alignment gear and my shop management system, Protractor, my average ticket price went through the roof. After the first month it was up over 34%”.