5 Reasons You Should Be Texting Vehicle Inspections

The days of scribbling vehicle inspections are disappearing. More and more auto shops are embracing the option of texting vehicle inspections. You don’t have to feel left out.

With Autoserve1’s two-way texting feature you are able to text customers directly about job approvals, invoice reviews, and updates on repair jobs. You may even text your customers about work that you think they should get done. The software stores all the conversations and images so that you may refer back to it for any reason.

The ease of communication between customer and auto shop is unmatched with the two-way texting feature. However, if you still need more convincing, here are five reasons why you should be texting vehicle inspections:

1. It Saves Time for Both You and the Customer

Both you and the customer are busy. With the two-way texting feature, you’ll be able to speed up your job approval process by being able to relay problem areas to the customer in real-time.

The customer will save time by not having to come into the dealer or answer phone calls. They can simply approve the repairs to be done quickly from wherever they are without taking much time out of their already busy lives.

Customers are said to reply five times faster than if you had called them. Therefore, it’s clear customers definitely appreciate this time-saving feature.

2. It Builds Customer Trust and Loyalty

Unfortunately, some animosity and mistrust exist between auto shops and customers when a customer brings in a vehicle to fix one thing and upon returning are told of many other problem areas that need fixing.

The best way to squash this animosity, mistrust and build loyalty is by texting them with pictures, videos and an explanation of what you found while working. The fact that the photos highlight exactly what the problem is so that the customer can see this for themselves mean they will trust your suggestions.

By trusting your auto shop and thus seeing you as honest, you’ll build loyalty from customers.

3. It Appeals to Tech-Savvy Millennials

Millennial drivers are quickly making a significant portion of drivers on the road today. In 2016, Millennials purchased 4.1 million vehicles which account for 29% of the market.

Millennials are known to be very tech-savvy and so digital inspections will no doubt appeal to them. In addition to that, Millenials do not like phone calls and voicemails. If they have the option to communicate with you via text they would gladly take it.

Millennials are already hard to keep as customers so employing this feature and digital inspections on a whole will make them feel catered to.

Good customer satisfaction will lead to good online reviews and then more customers will come flocking to your auto shop. It’s a win-win.

4. Young Drivers Will Learn a Lot 

Millenials are quickly owning cars however the knowledge of cars isn’t growing quite as quickly among them. Research suggests that 60% of Millenials have not attempted to repair, modify or fix their cars in any way.

With the feature’s ability to send videos and photos explaining clearly what is wrong and why it needs to be fixed will teach Millenials more about auto repair.

They’ll appreciate that you’re the one teaching them. Again, good customer satisfaction among millennials will lead to referrals and good reviews.

5. Your Customers Will be Safer

Safety is typically a top priority for customers. Customers are actually more likely to approve more service jobs when digital inspections are used. As a matter of fact, the average repair order goes up by 15%.

With customers driving cars with fewer problems they are by default driving safer cars which they’ll appreciate. Customers will also have peace of mind driving themselves and their families in a safe car.

What are you waiting for? Ask us how you can improve your customers’ lives through the two way texting system offered with our digital inspection software.