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AutoServe1’s digital vehicle inspections translate your technician's inspection findings into clear recommendations for your customers so they feel empowered to make educated decisions quickly. Build trust with detailed DVI reports sent directly to their smart devices in seconds.

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Increases Average Repair Orders by 22%

Our web-based, user-friendly software can be used on all smart devices to take photos and complete vehicle inspection checklists, closing the communication gap between the service bay and the vehicle owner. When customers are clued in on their car's service, it's easy for them to say yes to necessary repairs, and that can increase your shop's average repair order.

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Designed for Shops & Vehicle Owners

We started our digital vehicle inspection software with customers in mind. Since then, every added feature has gone towards improving the customer experience. When we get it right for customers, we set up auto repair shops for success. And when auto repair shops are productive and communicative, customers will keep coming back for their car's repairs and maintenance!

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We Work Well With Others

Your DVI has to work well with all the tools in your shop. That’s why we integrate with NAPA, Protractor, Hunter, LANKAR, MAM, OK Tire, RO Writer, CoStar, GEM-CAR, AB Magique and many others.. Our system works seamlessly with these for an easy-to-use experience both for your technicians and for vehicle owners.

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Increase your average repair order (aro)

By 22% with autoserve1 digital vehicle inspections

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WorkFlow1 & Builder1

AutoServe1 measures your shop's metrics, giving you useful insight to manage and optimize performance and productivity overall and for each team member. You can also enable certain inspections for your shop's unique needs, such as for seasonal checks.

Customize Inspections With Builder1

Easily Configure Items, Sections, & Tabs

Builder1 combines intuitive design and simplicity to facilitate fast and easy inspections. This tool gives AutoServe1 users the flexibility to customize their inspection features.

Custom Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Simplify With WorkFlow1

Streamline Status Updates & Reports

AutoServe1's simple interface gives your team a view of vehicle auto repair statuses at a glance. With WorkFlow1, service writers can update a vehicle's status as it moves through your shop.

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