Increase Average Repair Order (ARO) By 25% With AutoServe1 Digital Vehicle Inspections

AutoServe1 digital vehicle inspections with pictures on tablet and phone

Get Jobs Approved Faster with Two-Way Texting

Direct, easy and improved communication with the customers

We developed a new way to speed up and simplify your auto repair service: two-way texting communication between service advisors and customers.

Getting quick job approval from customers is a crucial factor to optimizing your shop’s service time. We know this is a constant, industry-wide issue that effects overall shop performance by slowing down repair jobs.

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Easy Recording Options Increase Repair Jobs

Technicians can use their phones or tablets to easily record their inspection process.

With options like video and image sharing and voice-to-text recording, customers get to see what technicians see, every step of the way.

This is why AutoServe1’s digital inspection tool is proven to increase the average repair order by over 25%.


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Every Step Made Simpler With WorkFlow1

From start to finish, AutoServe1’s simple workflow model, WorkFlow1, gives your shop team an at-a-glance progress status of the auto repair process.

With a quick click of the mouse, service writers can update a vehicle’s status as it moves through the repair process.

When work is approved or parts are ready, notifications are sent to technicians by WorkFlow1 or text, keeping every one in your shop on the same page.

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AutoServe1 Workflow manager

Customize Your Inspection Options With Builder1

Easily Configure Tabs, Sections and Items

Our workflow customizer, Builder1, brings intuitive design and simplicity together to make your inspection process faster and easier for your technicians.

Builder1 gives users complete flexibility to customize their shop’s inspection options.

With drag and drop options for screen tabs, sections and section items, shop owners can quickly customize their AutoServe1 platform to better match their technician’s work and inspection reporting process.

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Optimize Shop Performance & Productivity

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

Metrics like tickets created each day, total vehicle inspections and customer reports can all be measured through AutoServe1’s Analytics Dashboard.

This keeps shop owners on top of team member performance and your shop’s overall productivity, benefiting the shop’s efficiency and customer relations.

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Vehicle Inspection Analytics Dashboard

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Vehicle Inspection Report

Vehicle Inspection Report

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Download Product Sheet

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