Builder1 – The Custom Inspection Builder for AutoServe1

Builder1 – The Custom Inspection Builder for AutoServe1

AutoServe1 is the easiest to use digital vehicle inspection tool on the market. And although it comes out of the box with several pre-defined inspections that fit the needs of most shops, there are occasions when you need a custom inspection.

Available Inspections

Whether you need to customize field names, add or remove inspection options, or create a completely customized inspection, Inspection Builder1 gives you complete flexibility to customize your shops inspections.

There are many reasons to have one or more custom inspection options.  A specialty shop may want to present only the items that apply to the services they support, like tires or a lube/oil inspection.  Dealers may need to have a completely different inspection process for in-house inspections than for service inspections.  Many shops have created canned jobs in their shop management system in order to support the front desk with a standard and unified process and so customizing inspection items to match specific service packages is a must.

Easily Configure Tabs, Sections and Items

One of AutoServe1’s main focus is simplicity, and the intuitive design of Builder1 makes configuring custom inspection fast and easy. Builder1 gives shops complete control over how inspections actions are displayed so the order of inspection actions matches the way technicians work. Shop owners can quickly drag and drop tabs, sections and items in each section.  And the shop can easily rename any tab section or item to better match shop naming conventions and processes.




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