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go-carts-oldIsn’t life wonderful how it often sends us signals early in on that send us along a trajectory we never really could comprehend? Ever since I climbed in to a go-kart one day when I was 10, I wanted to have my own ride. My dad, a talented Tool and Die man who had worked at Ford, took me aside when I was 12 and said “How would you like to build your own motorized Go-Kart?” Are you kidding? There was no decision – just a matter of how fast we could design and make it in his machine shop. It looked kind-of like this one.

It was fun to learn by doing – just basic mechanical design, steering, power transfer and braking stuff. The metal didn’t cost much but I had no money to go buy a new engine. They were expensive. But dad was resourceful. The next Monday night, we backed out of our driveway with our box trailer hitched on – out on the hunt for discarded lawnmowers parked at the curbs for pick up, before garbage day. For me, I just imagined them in their next life as an engine for flinging us around hairpin turns! We got lucky – found two that night – brought them home and neither of them worked, no matter how long I yanked those starter cords. The next week, I enrolled in a Small Engine Repair night school course and learned how to rebuild small engines. It was the best $59 we ever invested – after 6 weeks, we had both engines running!

Jamie Cuthbert President, AutoServe1

Jamie Cuthbert
President, AutoServe1

As you know, however, it takes a lot more knowledge to create the world’s leading Auto Service Advertising and Selling Tool software. For the inside track on how professional auto service centers really operate, we engaged masters like Matt Curry of Curry’s Auto Service with 10 locations in Virginia and Voted Top Shop in America by Motor Magazine, to bring us the workflow and sales process DNA we needed. Additionally, we tapped Rick Hunter, VP Operations at Wood Fullerton in Atlanta, to help us detail exactly what customers were asking his 10 stores to better explain so they could better make informed decisions. Thanks also go out to the countless store managers and technicians that help us continue to hone the tools and add new features.

The origins of our software have now served over 1.5 million customers in over 2,000 locations across America. We welcome you to now see what AutoServe1 can do for your shop to help your staff create an auto service experience for your customers that is unparalleled in the industry.