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About AutoServe1

AutoServe1 software is a tool for automotive garages and car dealer service centres.  Using AutoServe1 software increases sales which combined are a +$200 billion annual service and repair market. We offer cloud based, SaaS, user friendly software using tablets and smart phones to take actual photos and videos of the recommended repairs on a customer’s vehicle.  These photos and videos are texted or emailed to the customer improving clarity, understanding and building trust.  When customers believe that the work is legitimate and necessary, they authorize more work.  Revenue increases of 10 – 25% are common when a garage or dealer service centre uses AutoServe1 software for digital inspections.

The majority of motorists are often concerned about auto repair centres when told that their vehicle requires additional work, as they are suspicious that the recommended repair work is unnecessary.  However, an AAA study revealed that two-thirds of motorists will approve additional work when their service centre advisor used a digital inspection tool.  We bring transparency and trust to automobile service and repair shops.  Using AutoServe1 software, service technicians provide picture evidence to the customer of a worn brake pad, which is emailed or texted to the customer.  This allows the customer to see what the technician sees and believe the work is required, creating trust, resulting in additional revenue.

55% of people bringing their cars in for servicing are women, for whom communicating with a service advisor is often a daunting experience.  AutoServe1 effectively deals with this issue using pictures and videos with explanations to build trust and help with the customer experience.  In addition, the fastest growing sector of car owners is millennials who communicate primarily with texts and pictures, not phone calls and voice mails.  At the same time, cars today are built better and last longer, however they are also more technically complicated.  Pictures and videos help explain what needs to be done and improves communication of technical issues. 

We undertakes numerous case studies, including one is the Boston area where a service centre offered a 100 point inspection for $39. Over an 11 week period half of the inspections used AutoServe1 (the other using the traditional clipboard, pen and paper). The end result was that using AutoServe1 increased the average repair order by $210 which equated to some $20,000 per month of additional revenue and $10,000 profit to the bottom line.

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