AutoServe1 Features Overview

Creating Trust At The Point of Decision

AutoServe1 is more than just a digital vehicle inspection software. It's a comprehensive tool that can increase your shop's average repair order and build trust with your customers. Here's an overview of all of our powerful features that can transform your shop!

Two-Way Communication

Technicians can use AutoServe1 on phones or tablets to record the inspection process for each vehicle. AutoServe1 has options like video and image sharing, voice-to-text recording, and two-way texting to relay information to the vehicle owner. Customers get to see what the technicians do and view their car's progress through every step of the way. Feeling included and having a full explanation makes it easy for them to say yes to repairs. That's why our digital inspection tool is proven to increase the average repair order by over 22%.

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Designed for Shops & Vehicle Owners

We started our digital vehicle inspection software with customers in mind. Since then, every added feature has gone towards improving the customer experience. When we get it right for customers, we set up auto repair shops for success. And when auto repair shops are productive and communicative, customers will keep coming back for their car's repairs and maintenance!

Getting Repair Approval

More Than a DVI

AutoServe1 is more than a digital vehicle inspection software. Check out our other product features!

Contactless Service

AutoServe1 gives shops the capability to conduct contactless business. With our digital vehicle inspection software, you can send vehicle information directly to the client for their approval and get paid without them being in your shop. That convenience is a sure way to win over customers and keep them coming back to you for future maintenance and repairs.

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