Full Vehicle Inspections Increase Sales!

 Tablet Based Inspections with integrated Quick Check results makes Customers Happy and Increases Average Repair Order.  


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Hunter Engineering

AutoServe1 Full Vehicle Inspections Boost ROI- Aftermarket

Hunter Engineering and AutoServe1 have partnered to bring you a bumper to bumper digital vehicle inspection system that is integrated with Hunter’s Quick Check®, Quick Tread and Hawkeye Elite systems.  These results go directly into AutoServe1’s larger digital inspection form for the entire vehicle that your technicians can complete on tablets instead of using paper.

This expands your shop’s ability to immediately deliver complete vehicle assessments to customers’ smart phones in minutes. It’s an old saying but it’s more true than ever – seeing is believing. More customer education and trust brings in more business every day.

Existing Customer - Get Started Today

Existing Customer - Get Started Today

If you are currently using AutoServe1 and want to learn how to start integrating results from your Hunter alignment equipment into your AutoServe1 inspections, just click here to let us know.


Consistent Inspections

“You’re being very thorough, and you’re making more money at the same time. It’s a win-win!”

Jim Green – Senior Technician, Beech Motorworks

Create Trust

“I’m excited about this system. I think it’s fantastic. It all comes down to Trust.”

Ethyl – A Motorist and recipient of a digital inspection.

Increase Orders

“With the integration, my average ticket price went through the roof. Up 34% in the first month.”

Alan Beech – Owner Beech Motorworks


Watch video below to learn more about Autoserve1 and Hunter integration

Vehicle Inspection Report

Vehicle Inspection Report

Click to see a sample AutoServe1 + Hunter vehicle inspection Report

Download Product Sheet

Download Product Sheet

Download the AutoServe1 – Hunter Product sheet

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