5 Signs You Should Implement Digital Vehicle Inspections

Digital Vehicle Inspections

Whether your shop has been operating efficiently for 30 years, or you’re just starting up, there are always ways to improve your operations. The world is becoming more and more connected, and as technology is revolutionizing the way we live, it’s imperative for businesses to keep up with the times.

The modern, innovative new way shops are keeping up with the digital/information age is by implementing technology into the auto service shop. One key tool that is starting to give auto service shops a competitive edge and increase average repair orders is digital vehicle inspection software.

Digital vehicle inspections are an auto service shop’s dream come true. They build trust with customers, increase communication in the shop, reduce paperwork and drive up profits. 

A recent case study concluded that shops using digital vehicle inspection software increased their average repair orders 25%. Is your shop ready to take the first crucial step in joining thousands of shops modernizing and engaging with customers better?

5 reasons why you should implement digital vehicle inspections

1) New Customers Don’t Stay

When it comes to standard seasonal maintenance services such as tire changes, drivers often find themselves shopping around to get the best deal. This is where shops can really grow their customer base.

Give your customers the best possible service when they walk through the doors for the first time. Going above and beyond for customers is the standard (of course) but it’s CRUCIAL you go above and beyond for new customers. Why? It’s 6x more profitable to retain a loyal customer that keeps coming back for maintenance than acquiring new customers.  

Remember that nearly every “new customer” at your shop is coming in “unhappy” with their last shop – or they would not be standing there.  You need to WOW them with that first visit to show you are very different will treat them very differently from the last shop.

So when a shop doesn’t have a flow of loyal customers and relies on new customers (hopefully) walking through the doors, it is not a profitable, long-term strategy that can lead to business growth.  Showing new customers you have the latest in auto service tech-digital vehicle inspections can really wow customers enough to have them keep coming back to your shop.

2) Driver Education

When people suspect a problem with their vehicle, or when they hear a funny noise or maybe feel something strange in their car, they dread going into an auto service shop. Why? People simply aren’t educated on vehicle service, repair, and regular maintenance.

Explaining fixes to customers can be frustrating, and can often lead to the deer in headlights look we’ve all seen too many times. Digital vehicle inspections offer customers a clear understanding of what those funky noises are, and why problems are or have happened on their vehicle.  

Using digital vehicle inspections will show customers exactly what technicians see with informative photo and video reporting. When they see what technicians see it’s a very streamlined, simple process in educating drivers why repairs are needed. When customers are informed, they are much more likely to approve service recommendations.  

3) Customer Communication

Your shop is constantly being dragged behind schedule by customers who take forever to get back to you. No longer will you have to deal with a backlog of voicemails. With AutoServe1’s two-way texting feature, advisors and customers can communicate more effectively with one another. Technicians can send their digital vehicle inspection report findings right to customer phones. Better yet, customers can approve service repair jobs right from their phone.

4) Your Shop’s Advisors Aren’t Selling As Much Service As They Can

Your shop’s average repair order never seems to be very high. Customers come into your shop looking to get the bare minimum done. They are unaware of any issues their car may have. On average, shops are letting $500 of potential revenue roll right out the door.

When shops use digital vehicle inspection software, they can really give their average repair orders a boost. AutoServe1 lets technicians use a streamlined customizable checklist to ensure technicians don’t miss anything during the inspection process.

When nothing is missed during an inspection, the shop can add on another recommended fix. The customer may not be happy about the fix needed but are certainly happy they are aware of it.

5) You Have A Never Ending Stack of Inspection Reports

You, your employees, and customers get carpal tunnel, sore hands, and wrists from all that paperwork. They may even lose or misplace paperwork causing headaches and upset customers looking to get fast service work. With digital vehicle inspections, everything is in one place so it’s easy to keep track of work for everyone in the shop.

As younger technicians join the ranks, digital vehicle inspection software also makes their training easier than ever. The new generation of technicians is more tech-savvy than any generation in history. Utilize new technology and give them the right tools they need to give customers the best possible service (while giving you increased workflow).