5 Ways to Make Your Shop More Female Friendly

It’s no secret that women often feel intimidated when bringing their car into the shop for service and repairs. One reason may be because there are not many women in the automotive work-force. In 2013, only 1.8% of women made up service technicians/mechanics in the automotive industry in the United Sates. It is likely that more women ‘behind the counter’ and in the technical environment would make female customers feel more confident and build much needed trust that is lacking at most automotive centres… but what can your all-male staff do to help ease this automotive anxiety?

Here are a few tips that can make your shop more female friendly:

1. Get your shop “Ask Patty” Certified.
“Ask Patty” is a site that offers automotive advice for women. Shops who get certified are trained specifically in communicating more effectively with female customers.

2. Car Clinics for Females
Shops like Victoria Transmission and Auto Care in Victoria, BC hold complimentary evening events designed to help educate and empower women on vehicle maintenance and repair.

3. Great Experience
It can be daunting for a woman to be surrounded by male staff so make their environment more comfortable and relaxing. Try comfortable chairs, coffee, various types of magazines and a play area for children.

4. Get Community Involved
Supporting local Women’s charities and organizations can help your shop gain trust with female future customers.

5. Be Patient
Most women will confess they know little to nothing about their car. Explain problems/service issues in laymen’s terms, try using some analogies. Understanding and patience is key.