CASE STUDY: 215 Stores, 600,000 Invoices, 25% Increase in Average Repair Order

Digital Vehicle Inspections With AutoServe1

With digital inspection software, it’s crucial the product is easy to transition to from the old pen and paper way of doing inspections.

Not only is it important to have an easy-to-learn digital tool, it is also important your new tool can integrate with your shop’s DMS/SMS.

A product that can seamlessly integrate with your current system makes the switch to digital easier without sacrificing customer satisfaction, or your technician’s time.

At AutoServe1, we integrate with many DMS/SMS systems, with new additions added to our growing platform every month.

For example, Protractor SMS is a part of some 215 stores that use AutoServe1. Their transition was simple. The training from our experienced team was comprehensive and efficient for shop owners and technicians. And, the results were nothing short of phenomenal.

Our team tracked the performance of AutoServe1’s integration with Protractor on almost 600,000 invoices.

The ARO on all invoices without inspection was $418.74. When technicians used AutoServe1’s platform with Protractor, it drastically improved the ARO to $564.58.

Thanks to AutoServe1, Protractor users saw their revenues increase by over 25%. That’s about $150 in increased revenue. The best part? The integration with AutoServe1 doesn’t slow down the inspection—it actually increases efficiency.

Revenue Impact Of Using AutoServe1

To the left we can see exactly what happened when shops used our software. Without digital vehicle inspections shops saw an average invoice of just $418. With AutoServe1, that jumped up to $511! Thats an increase of $93 or 22%.

When the AutoServe1 digital vehicle inspection happened AND was sent over to the customer, shops saw their average invoice jump to $564! An increase of $146 or 35%!

What does the customer want?

Customers biggest complaints are unexpected repairs on their service job. They come in for an oil change and leave with brake alignments added onto the invoice.

This leaves the customer frustrated, effecting your shop’s performance and customer retention.

When technicians use AutoServe1’s digital inspection, customers can see exactly what needs to be done on their vehicle and monitor the repair job throughout the job virtually eliminating the wary customer who refuses to expand the service job.

AutoServe1 can streamline your communication with customers, increase your ARO and provide a seamless transition from the old-fashioned way to the future of vehicle inspection — digital.

With its ability to integrate with your current system, there’s no reason why your shop shouldn’t ransition into digital vehicle inspection.