Founder Pro Tip: Communicate Early to Win Customer Trust Points!

By Jamie Cuthbert, Founder & President

It’s 1:00 pm and the diagnosis is taking longer than expected…here’s how to avoid the bite in 2 areas.  Firstly – rushing to hit a customer promised delivery time and secondly, this can lead to possibly misdiagnosing the issue and fixing the wrong symptom.

Take a photo of the scan tool or print out and include it in your inspection report to show you are tracking down the issue and it is well worth the $100-200 you will charge for the diagnosis. You earn instant trust.  

Secondly, use the new AS1 two-way texting to send an alert out the customer via text to let them know it is taking more time and “can we please extend your pick-up time to 6:00 pm (or tomorrow)?” This quick and early text can buy you the time you and your team need to do the job right. Send the text early to win those bonus customer trust points!