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Located in Statesboro, GA, D&R Car Care is a 16-bay, full-service auto repair establishment servicing domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. Founded in 2000 D&R’s mission has always been to use most up-to-date diagnostic technology, to be fully educated and certified in all areas of automotive repair, and to always offer a “Service the right way, the first time” attitude.

Being located right next to Georgia Southern University, car count has never been a problem for D&R Car Care but in 2014 owner Ray Driggers identified a problem.  Their car count was actually to high to be able to provide the levels of service they were committed to provide for each customer. The result was that although car count was going up, the average repair order price per vehicle was going down, and the number of return customers was not what they expected. After some research, Ray decided that investment in a digital vehicle inspection solution would allow them them support their mission, “Service the right way, the first time.

D&R tried several digital vehicle inspection products and ultimately chose AutoServe1 for several reasons but most important to them was that AutoServe1 seemed to be the company that wanted to work with their customers to improve the product. Also key to the decision was the ability to record video using AutoServe1. According to Ray,“It’s really hard to show a customer a bad ball joint with a picture. AutoServe1 makes it very easy to inform our clients about what’s going on with their car.”

After implementing AutoServe1, improvements far exceeded even Ray’s own expectations. D&R doubled their Average Repair Order price. Service writers substantially decreased the amount of time they needed to spend explaining repairs to customers while increasing customer satisfaction.  Most importantly according to Ray Driggers is that “AutoServe1 has allowed us to stay truthful to our clients by pulling back the curtains so they can see what we see and know what we know about their vehicles.”

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D&R performed a courtesy inspection for most vehicles but the inspection did not really provide a value to the customer. Technicians  performed a limited 24 point inspection recording the results using standard “rainbow sheets” with red, yellow and green colored check boxes.  The process didn’t allow any real engagement with the customer.  A service writer could show the vehicle owner the sheet and tell them what they needed for the yellow and red sections, but there was no way to really communicate how bad or how good anything was.  It was not practical to take customers into the back shop, and most did not wait for their vehicle but went about their day. Most discussions about

Within the shop communication about repairs was difficult too. Service writers often had to leave the front desk and walk back to the shop to ask technicians to explain repairs or comments, using measurable time from both technicians and service writers.


At the front desk improvements became apparent quickly as AutoServe1 immediately improved communication within the shop. Service writers were able to see exactly what the technicians were seeing, and with notes on each inspection item there was no need to walk back to the shop.  With pictures, messages, and reminders, it helped the entire team stay on the same page and nothing would get lost in communication.

AutoServe1 streamlined the process for the service writers and made it easier to work with customers at the counter and over the phone. AutoServe1 clearly points out the most important items so they can prioritize for each customer what work needs to get done right away, and what can wait a little while. And, the AutoServe1 dashboard gave them instant visual feedback on the status of each vehicle in the shop.

With AutoServe1, when the service writers  talk to customers on the phone, they have normally already looked at the report, and have an idea of what to expect.  According to Tori, one of D&R’s service writers, “It helps a lot with customer communication since they have an itemized list of repairs in front of them, and they see what we see.  I’m not just talking to them about a bunch of random car part names that they don’t understand. It’s simple, it’s easy to learn and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.“


When AutoServe1 was first brought in, there was a little resistance from the technicians until they realized that it actually made their life easier. With digital inspections, the technicians were a little slower going from the rainbow sheet where they just checked each item and went on. Ray Driggers pointed out that “When we switched to AutoServe1 they went from a 25-30 point inspection to a 100 point inspection, and of course that’s going to take longer. Plus there is always a learning curve with any new tool or process, but ease of use came quickly with repetition.”

With AutoServe1, each technician receives their work order on their tablet without having to walk up to the front desk. Every vehicle that comes into the shop goes through the inspection process that D&R designed to produce the best balance of service and efficiency.  According to Ray “AutoServe1 made inspections Uniform, Thorough, and Very Fast. We don’t rely on the technicians memory to make sure he checked each and every component properly.”

Key to D&R’s success with inspections is their picture taking policy.  Anytime an item is marked Yellow or Red, meaning that it either is a suggested repair or required repair, there must be a photo or video attached.  This slowed the technicians down a little at first. But within a few days, they realized that they were making a lot more money by taking those few seconds to add pictures or videos. Ray Driggers said “When the technicians realized that our picture policy put money in their pockets, they were hooked. It made a world of difference.”


When customers first receive their digital inspection report they were always surprised and they always love it. And from then on, they expect it. They even get upset if they don’t get the digital inspection report.

All D&R customer vehicles are inspected within minutes of being dropped off, and the vehicle owners receive the results by text message or email shortly after they drop off their vehicle. This allows them to easily review repair suggestions on their smartphone or computer. They see what the technicians see with pictures and videos taken of their vehicle. The report shows the condition of actual vehicle parts and systems, and can read the notes written by the technician and service writer. This process provides vehicle owners complete transparency into the repair process and allows them to be completely comfortable making  informed decisions about approving repairs.

D&R’s Service writers have even noticed that when a customer receives the inspection on their phone while they are still in the shop, they come up to the counter and ask to go ahead and do some of the repairs on the list without having to call them.

As D&R is located in a college town, many of their clients are students whose parents are far away. AutoServe1 gives them a way to make sure everyone can stay informed in the repair process.  The customer and their parents can see what the technician sees and can understand fully what is involved in the repair process.  In many cases it’s not the student  paying for the repairs, so they give service writer their parents number and D&R can send the inspections results directly to them.  This helps the parents out greatly. When they get the report and they can see the pictures and videos they usually call  back and say “oh I really need this fixed. “ They don’t want their sons or daughters driving back to Atlanta with a problem.


D&R Intensive Car Care
Ray Driggers – Owner
(912) 871-4111


Doubled average repair order price

Decreased time Service Writers spend explaining repairs to clients

Decreased car count so that better service is given to each client

Increased client trust


“AutoServe1 Really helps with communication inside the shop. It lets me see what the technician sees.”

Toni – Service Writer


“The difference with AutoServe1 is that before, people might have ignored repair recommendations. Now they can see a picture and understand that it’s serious”

Cody Kerklin – Technician


D&R Car Care is a member of AutoServe1’s Trusted Inspection Center program fostering transparency and openness. They proudly display the Trusted Shop seal of excellence on their website and in their shop to show that they provide digital inspections as a valued service to their customers.

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