Digital Inspection is Changing How You Can Optimize Your Shop’s Performance

Customer communication: the key to maximizing your profit-sell hours. 


Optimize shop hours and increase profits.

We all know the key to increasing your shop’s profit is selling more service hours. The more issues found through your vehicle inspection, the bigger the service job gets. Bigger jobs mean more service hours sold.

It all seems pretty simple, right?

So, why do we see so many shops unable to increase their service hours?

Typically, this happens because technicians only tend to the specific customer complaint about their vehicle.

The car is already in the shop, your customer is already entrusting you with the oil change or repair job. This is the perfect time to optimize and grow the service job.

But, if technicians take the time to do a full 50-point inspection on a customer’s vehicle, it’s likely to increase the service job, which we know will increase shop profits.

With AutoServe1, your technician can communicate with the customer using text messaging, image and video sharing.

If a customer can see what’s wrong with their vehicle, as opposed to just hearing it over the phone, they’ll be more likely to say yes to more repairs.

It’s important for customers to have visuals that reinforce the issue the service technician has found in their vehicle.

Our software works to streamline and open the lines communication with the customer.

It’s no secret that customers rarely want to invest more than they need to in their vehicle at the time of repair.

This is why it’s crucial to take advantage of having your customer’s vehicle in the shop. You can maximize your profit and improve the customer’s trust in your shop by offering them the 50-point inspection.

The extra time taken to inspect a vehicle in your shop will lead to a bigger service job helping you and your shop succeed in the industry and maximize your profit-sell hours.

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