Fast-track your success at the OK TIRE conference

Fast-track your success at the OK TIRE conference

**FEB 28th, 2020, New Orleans Louisiana

The annual OK TIRE conference is finally here and we’re proud to announce that we’ll be New Orleans, Louisiana for it!  It’s the best time of year for OK TIRE shops to see what’s new in the industry, and what trends and tech will take them to the next level. Shop owners, service advisors, managers, technicians and other industry professionals are all going to be there with one goal in mind- growing their business

Our focus at the conference will be helping OK TIRE shops to realize their true potentialHave you ever wanted to learn how you can really blow your customers away? Looking to make a name for your shop and be the “go-to” in your area? Learn how you can do all this and more at this year’s conference. (HINT: It’s easier than you think!)


It’s time to change the conversation

People simply expect transparency with brands they engage with. No matter what the industry is, people want to feel like they have a handle on things. People want to feel like they can trust businesses they interact with and that they won’t be taken advantage of.

Unfortunately, this is a problem plaguing the auto repair industry. Although most shops only recommend needed repairs, a few bad eggs caused this bad reputation to snowball…


Luckily there’s a simple solution

Thanks to the rapid advancements in shop technology, digital vehicle inspections are here and can be used right on tablets and smartphones. Yes, you heard that right, tech you use every day holds the key to your business’ growth potential. 

How exactly will it help shops? When you’re in New Orleans, connect with John-Luke Kessler, Inside Sales Manager at AutoServe1.

He’ll be teaching shops like yours the in’s and out’s of our industry-leading software and how to blow your customers away with digital vehicle inspections. There are plenty of ways, that it will help your shop, but three key benefits to consider:


3 key benefits for repair shops :

1) Improve communicationDigital inspections allow you to text your customers your inspection findings. Not only can you text your findings, but they can approve work right from their phone with a few quick taps. 

2) Increase trust and transparency- Going back to the trust issue plaguing many shops, digital inspections can increase customer trust. When your techs are working on a customer’s car they can simply take photos and videos showing issues clearly. 

It’s true what they say, a picture really is worth 1000 words. Not only will customers trust what you have to say now, but they will approve work. We found on average shops that employ this inspection method saw an increase of 25% to their ARO!

3) Optimize shop performance-  Metrics like tickets created each day, total vehicle inspections and customer reports can all be measured through AutoServe1’s Analytics Dashboard. This keeps shop owners on top of team member performance and your shop’s overall productivity, benefiting the shop’s efficiency and customer relations.


Where can you find us at the Conference?

If you’re looking for help increasing your average repair order, increasing your customer trust and developing a loyal, retentive customer base, connect with us at the conference. We’ll be conducting live demonstrations where you’ll get a first-hand glimpse into just how easily you can boost your bottom line (without interrupting your shop flow.) Pre-book your demo by clicking here.

You can find us at booth 29a at the conference on February 28th. Check out the floorplans below:

Are you willing to make the changes you need to succeed in 2020? Are you willing to embrace much-needed industry change?

Will you be an industry leader?  Book a demonstration now by filling out the form below. 


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