Founder Pro Tip: Slowly Change from Paper to Digital Inspection

From Paper to Digital:

How to help your shop adapt to digital vehicle inspection

I know change is hard.  When starting in with AutoServe1, have each tech begin their first week with just 1 digital inspection per day and leave the rest on paper.  This reduces the shock of letting go of paper.

Week 2 – move all techs to 2 digital inspections per day.

Week 3 – move to 4 vehicles per day.

Week 4 – move to 8 vehicles per tech per day.

This gradual program helps reduce resistance and the techs get to hear about some happy customers approving more work daily as they progress. Also gives techs time to speak out each week about what they like and don’t like.  Sometimes we can help you with a minor tweak to an inspection that solves 95% of the resistance.  Listening is good and progress is great.”

  • Jamie Cuthbert, President and Founder, AutoServe1