Gain more shop referrals with the help of your best customers

Think about it: when you’re looking for a good doctor, dentist or even hairdresser, you ask your friends and family for suggestions. One of the most powerful forms of advertising for your business is word-of-mouth; however, you have to remember that as business owners you can’t always wait for business to come to you. In fact, having to depend on your customers to mention your business/quality of service after they leave your shop can be very unlikely. Here’s a simple and honest process that can help you gain referrals with the help of your best customers:

1. Identify customers in your database who are the biggest boosters. They will usually be very good at communicating and will work with many people, or will socially come in contact with a lot of people.

2. When one of these customers is dropping off their car for service ask if they have a quick second to chat. Explain that you are growing your company and want to give one of your best clients an opportunity to give something of value to a friend/family member.

3. Take out two business cards and on the back of each write “One complimentary oil service.” Explain what this entails and the value, then hand the cards to your customer and ask them if they could kindly pass them on. This creates more of a personal touch, since it’s not a promotion that’s marketed to the masses or a cut-out coupon. It’s likely that the customer already has people in mind that he/she can give the cards to because anyone with a car can use a free oil service. Perhaps if these cards are redeemed, you can reward the initial star customer with a service for a discounted rate.

The potential cost of two oil services is insignificant when you consider that you are getting two new customers who are presold on you, and you are giving your best customers the opportunity to give something of value their friends.