Get your techs in shape now to harvest your best Fall profits!

The next 90 days will bring you more profit when your techs can move quickly and efficiently to deal with the big influx of customers.  The next 30 days is your final chance to do 2 key things:

  1. Attract the best new techs to join your team before the crush hits
  2. Equip the existing techs with more effective tools to do their jobs to be faster and better

If you have been waiting for the right moment to invest in tablet-based inspections, now is your best chance until next year.  Your team’s holidays are done and everyone is getting focused.

Getting a professional and consistent digital inspection solution in place now is like laying down a railway for everyone to get on.  Once you get through the hump of changing from paper to tablets, you can attract better tech talent and help your team be more effective with every vehicle that comes in your door.

Better service and higher profits will be your reward. If you have been thinking about the move – do it now and build the business you always wanted to own.


Written By:

Jamie Cuthbert

President and Founder-AutoServe1