How can Auto Repair Software benefit your Shop?

Leading edge software like AutoServe1 is becoming increasingly popular in repair shops as technology continues to evolve and improve the way we handle car maintenance. Repair shops can sometimes struggle to create and maintain trust with their customers but AutoServe1 has found a way to bring those worries and concerns to rest with a streamlined system that can benefit everyone in the shop ecosystem.

Performs tablet-based inspections (including capturing photos) on every vehicle to digitally record all required repair work. This insures consistency and accuracy in all inspections and provides the whole team with resources for future repair work.

Automatically generates professional looking customer reports with all the inspection findings. No disconnect between any messy handwriting and scribbled out check boxes, just an easy and straightforward report.

Receives their custom vehicle report and reviews it with their advisor or on their own. The customer will see picture proof of their vehicle’s condition. The reports are easy to view/share with spouses/families and thus lets the customer be more confident and trusting of both the shop and the services they are providing.

Gains the trust of the customer and insures all employees are completing inspections consistently. Professional streamlined reports sell and make the whole process of repair/maintenance easier for all involved.