Implement An Inspection Checklist

A simple checklist can save your shop a big headache

Service repair shops provide a wide range of services for customers. From full safety inspections to tire balancing and wheel alignment, there are plenty of different checklists and tasks that need to be done to complete a job.

A major mistake shops make is misdiagnosing a customer’s vehicle problem.  When shops fail to follow the checklists in place or have no checklists implemented in completing jobs, the chances of forgetting something or misdiagnosing a problem is higher.

When this happens to customers, they are left with a sour taste in their mouths. Your shop may, in turn, suffer poor online ratings and get left refunding money.

Checklists are great for mechanics of all skill types to ensure the work they’re doing is correct and nothing is missed.

For new mechanics just starting out, it’s easy to miss something during a vehicle inspection.  They may need a list of tasks to follow to ensure they complete the necessary steps for a service job.

Another reason checklists are crucial for shops is because of overconfident mechanics.  Overconfident mechanics may think they know it all but may also end up missing something simple when they aren’t following a checklist.

Customers who expect the quality service and have trust in you to ensure nothing is missed during their vehicle’s servicing deserve the best. They deserve an organized shop that has proper checklists implemented.

My shop provides a lot of different services, what can I do to simplify inspections?

Implementing a customized inspection checklist for mechanics to follow 

Builder1, AutoServe1’s customizable inspection tool, allows you to have various inspection checklists for all the services you provide. Small shops with specialized services, to larger shops and dealerships offering a host of services, can implement Builder1. 

For example, a detailed checklist for oil and lube shops outlining tasks that need to be completed, such as checking all the vehicles fluids, ensures the customer gets all their vehicles fluids checked out and fixed. Better yet, nothing is missed that may have been overlooked otherwise.

The full-service garage may want a checklist for a safety inspection, one for a full vehicle inspection and another for fluid top ups. Learn how your shop can benefit from Builder1 today. Click here to schedule a demo!