Improve Customer and Shop Relationship: Two-Way Texting

Speed Up Your Shop’s Service without Sacrificing Customer Satisfaction

We developed a new way to speed up and simplify your auto repair service: two-way texting communication between service advisors and customers.

Getting quick job approval from customers is a crucial factor to optimizing your shop’s service time. We know this is a constant, industry-wide issue that effects overall shop performance by slowing down repair jobs.

Whether it’s customers not returning phone calls or parts taking too long to arrive in the shop before the end of day, if a job is not approved in time they can carry over to the next work day. This limits the amount of jobs your shop can complete in a week resulting in slower service and lost profit.

Introducing Two-Way Texting

An added icon to the AutoServe1’s tablet interface is about to make a huge impact on your shop’s service quality. With one tap of the screen, you can use AutoServe1’s two-way texting and directly communicate with your customer via text messaging:

Rolling out across our platform in July 2018, service advisors and technicians can text customers phone’s directly for job approvals, invoice reviews and updates on repair jobs.

All dialogue between your shop and the customer during that work day is visible to the service advisor. Like a regular text history, you can keep track of all customer correspondence. The message looks and feels like a text and presents itself on the surface of the phone. 

As soon as your digital inspection or your repair job is finished, customers can be notified with a quick text and respond almost 5 times faster than phoning customers while they’re busy at work.

With AutoServe1’s two-way texting, you will speed up and simplify your job approval process.

The results?

Jobs are approved and finished faster, so you and your shop can take on more customers. This means more repair jobs without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Our new two-way texting gives your shop direct, easy and, as always, improved communication with the customer that speeds up the repair service process from inspection to final invoice.