Increase Business At Your Repair Shop Using Social Media

Marketing for your local Auto Repair Shop can be a difficult task, especially since a lot of marketing and networking is now done online instead of on paper. However, you can successfully grow your business using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms by reaching out and interacting with your customers even before they step into your shop.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while building your Auto Repair Shop’s reputation online:

Getting Started

For platforms such as Facebook, you will have to create a personal account under your real name (if you don’t already have one) before you are able to create a ‘Page’ for your business. It’s probably a good idea to separate the content you post to your personal page and what is posted to your Shop’s Business page. Keep in mind that it is important to maintain professionalism; family vacation photos belong on personal pages only! Twitter and LinkedIn are also a great way to interact with customers, other shop owners and organizations.

Target your Customer

Get specific when creating a profile for your ideal customer. Using advertising services provided on social media platforms actually encourage you to be precise because you will likely get more success from a lower number of specifically targeted parties than a higher number of uninterested consumers. Think of the existing customers you have in your shop and expand on it; Busy mom with the mini van, or middle aged professionals who have the time and money to look to outsource their auto maintenance.

Become a Valuable Resource

Have your social media pages serve to not only network and market, but also educate your ‘followers’ on car maintenance. Giving tips and tricks will help keep people informed about their vehicles and will also help you gain their trust. Maybe have a daily/weekly tip or have a week every month where people can submit their question with a hashtag (#) so it can quickly be looked up across social platforms for future reference.

Coupons and Giveaways

Offer coupons for your latest promotions that are exclusive to social media. You don’t necessarily have to have the customer print out the coupons either, something as simple as “Show this tweet for 20% off an oil change!” can be very effective and a customer can pull it up on their phones in seconds. Giveaways are another way you can get people excited about your shop because what’s more tempting to customers than being able to win free stuff! Also, consider apps like Groupon to set up deals for people who are looking for great service at a great price. With apps like Groupon, you can also purchase the same deal for a friend or family member.

Customer Service

You may have the most highly skilled mechanics and a state of the art facility but if your service skills are poor, the new customers you will gain from social media will not return to your shop. You only have one chance to make a great first impression on a customer, so make sure it counts!