Informing Young Drivers About Service Repair

75% Of Millennials Have Trouble Changing A Tire

The millennial demographic needs help when it comes to car repair, and basic servicing to their vehicles.

According to research, those under the age of 35 are the least equipped to do automotive tasks previous generations thought was easy, such as changing a tire or fixing wiper blades. I can admit it a millennial myself,  I’ve never fixed a wiper blade (although i can change a tire if I need to!).

As there is an unfortunate lack of knowledge regarding vehicle maintenance, something needs to be done to educate and inform.

According to research, over 60% of millennials haven’t tried to repair, modify or fix their cars in any way. This can be dangerous to the vehicle’s operator and even other drivers on the road.

If millenials know this little about their cars, just imagine what it’s like for generation Z.

Service Repair Made Easy For The Digital World

The baby boomer generation is getting  older and older, and less and less of them are driving and getting service repair jobs done.  As previous generations get older, millennials and generation Z are the primary drivers to educate, inform, and get driving with confidence. These generations are extremely tech savvy, and want a digital aspect to pretty much everything in their daily lives (…yes even auto service repair).

Although younger drivers are inept when it comes to their vehicle’s repairs and service, they know how to work the digital features of their cars such as the GPS and Bluetooth systems. It’s time to embrace new technology and teach new drivers about service repair. This will benefit everyone: young drivers looking to fix their cars and feeling overwhelmed to mechanics looking for more service jobs and even shop owners wanting to increase their average repair orders to increase profits.

Digital Vehicle Inspections

Our digital vehicle inspection software offers mechanics the ability to document every step of service repair, which the customer can see and then confirm maintenance right from their phones. When the mechanic is done he/she has the ability to actually send the customer a digital vehicle maintenance report right to the customer’s cell phone and the client can respond via our 2-way texting feature.

The inspection report is extremely informative, teaching customers why they should get jobs done immediately. Different service recommendations, with simple pictures, showing defective parts of vehicles next to new parts, really teaches the customer why a mechanic is recommending jobs.

There are multiple sections of the report that make it easy for customers to understand what their vehicles need such as : “why it’s important”, “photos”, “findings” and “observations”.

When people are learning  about the importance of maintaining their cars from you, you’ll find them leaving positive reviews online, producing more repeat business, and referring new clients to you. This all happens while you see your average repair order increase by up to 15%. Request a product demo today.

Click the link to see exactly what a customer will see the when you send them a digital inspection report: