Introducing ServiceDrive1: New and improved dealership workflow

Improve your dealership repair centre’s workflow

We’ve revamped our workflow integration to better optimize results and shop performance for dealerships across North America.

AutoServe1 continues to be an industry-leading digital vehicle inspection software helping you improve your trust and transparency with customers, while simultaneously increasing ARO and bringing your shop into the future of vehicle inspection.

While we continue to provide auto repair shops with an efficient, streamlined inspection process, we’re constantly looking for ways we can improve our product to better service the industry at large.

We’re excited to introduce our new workflow integration, ServiceDrive1, that is better optimized for the dealership inspection process. We know customers look to their dealership for a reliable, professional experience with their vehicle.

In consultation with our team and dealership service advisors and technicians across North America, we’ve revamped our workflow model to suit the typical dealership inspection process.

Now, when customers pull into the dealership, AutoServe1 becomes a part of the walk-through at every step. Service advisors can begin inspections as soon as the customer pulls up without any front desk check-in or entry into the dealership system.

Service advisors scan the vehicle’s VIN and immediately create the customer’s inspection report and profile in the dealership system. As the service advisor performs their digital inspection, they can instantaneously input needed repairs as they walk while keeping in contact with the customer.

This allows the service advisor to greet the customer, do a light-duty walk-around inspection with the customer and gather all information from a customer clearly on the tablet. Then, that inspection can continue on the vehicle by a service technician once it enters the shop. The technician simply continues the inspection that’s already open and started by the service advisor. This is the smooth seamless-flow that makes ServiceDrive1 so effective.

Once the inspection is completed, the repair order is made on the spot and sent to the customer who can review and approve the job.

This new workflow works simultaneously with both the dealership’s integration and the walk-around inspection process.

Scott Jarvis, service advisor at Richmond Hill Hyundai, has seen the benefits of this new workflow first-hand.

From better accountability to the improved inspection process, ServiceDrive1 means Jarvis and his team can provide quality service that impresses the customer.

“Digital inspection is definitely the direction dealerships are heading towards, so when you have something like AutoServe1’s tool that’s user-friendly, it’s a big help to the whole process.”

Jarvis says his service technicians and customers are impressed with AutoServe1’s new workflow. We believe it’s important to have a platform that is working with the dealership and the processes they already have in place.

ServiceDrive1 is a game changer. With many dealerships using manufacturers’ complex digital inspection tools, like Reynolds and Reynolds Service Sales Kit, that can ultimately slow down the inspection process, we give dealerships a simple and effective alternative.

We blend our user-friendly interface with seamless, streamlined integration that gives dealers and customers a better service experience.

“It’s a good program that gets rid of the wasted time from the more complex tools you see from manufacturers,” says Jarvis. “You get a simple platform that does the exact same thing, in a faster amount of time.”

As soon as the job is booked it is added to the customer’s profile keeping every department of the dealership on the same page and the customer too. Since customers can see the problems their service advisors find during inspection, they’re not only impressed by the open lines of communication, but they feel more confident in booking the repair job.

Quality, professional communication goes hand-in-hand with satisfied customers that come back to dealerships instead of independent shops for their repair orders. With ServiceDrive1 we’re helping dealerships make this happen on a daily basis as a part of our mission to keep you ahead of the curve.