Is your auto shop appearing on Google?

3 Easy Ways To Rank on Google

It’s 2019, no matter what business you run, no matter how big you are we can’t stress enough the importance of ranking high in the Google Search results page. Think about the last time you wanted to buy something. Where did you turn to do your research? Our money is on Google. 

It’s the first place customers look to when they are interested in a product or service. It’s the homepage of the internet and if your shop isn’t ranking, you’re simply neglecting more customers. You may already have a website, but may be asking yourself “what more can I do? What else is there to do?” You won’t want to miss this 6 minute read, When you’re on a break, grab a coffee and buckle in. 

This short blog will answer these questions and outline the easiest ways a shop can rank higher in Google, reel in more customers and increase your brand’s presence online. 


1) Post Regular, FRESH Content

Blogging isn’t just for Instagram influencers, moms and foodies. Businesses (more specifically auto shops) can use blogs to develop a great following online. 

When shops run regular blogs, it shows Google that your site is active. Why is that important? If you haven’t updated anything on your site in years, it tells Google your website isn’t very relevant and lowers your search position. Instead of making constant changes to your homepage, posting regular blogs shows Google you’re active online. 

Blogs also give your website visitors, and potential customers VALUE. Offer people your valuable, professional insights into auto service. What may seem like basic knowledge to you may be extremely insightful and useful to your customers. This leads to people spending more and more time on your site.

Through using “long-tail keywords (keywords that are over 3 words long) in your blog, you can pair your blog with words that users are actually typing in Google. Using your customers’ questions as a resource for what keywords to use, you can input these words into your blog and rank higher in Google.

For example, if your customers often ask “what’s included in an oil change”, you can write a blog featuring those keywords. The result is when people search on Google for those keywords, your blog has a good chance of appearing. 

When your blog begins generating repeat users, you simply start getting more regular traffic. When people like your blog they naturally share it with their friends (generating even more traffic). When you start getting repeat traffic, it shows Google people are resonating with you online. This in turn raises your authority level in their algorithm, ranking you higher. 


2) Use Google ADS

This is kind of the cheater’s way of reaching the top of the search results. If you have a set marketing budget, you can pay for a top spot in the Google Search results page. You can target certain keywords relating to your business that your customers would need to search to find your services. For example, you would be able to bid on keywords such as “auto repair near me”. 

When the user searches that, depending on how high your bid is you can appear first in the search results. Now bids can vary, but as long as you set a daily budget you can control exactly how much you want to spend a day. 

This is a great way to reach your potential customers while appearing before all of your competitor’s shops. As it only costs a few dollars per click, and the reward could be thousands in auto repair jobs this is a no brainer to attracting new and past customers. 

You would even be able to run display ads on the internet. You can target people who are actively searching or are interested in services like yours. Example interests you can target include: automotive repair, auto service, car care and more. You can then place your display ads on websites that mention the listed interests. 


3) Generate customer reviews

Are you generating customer reviews? If not, you NEED to start doing it NOW. It’s hands down the most effective way to help your business rank higher in the Google search results page. You could even post your best reviews to your website so people get an immediate good impression of your business. 

Google essentially “scans” over sites in determining if its a good fit for the first page of search results. As Google uses new content to understand if the site is active and relevant, customer reviews are an easy way to prove your website is current.

It also allows for your shop to open a dialogue for customers to create conversations around your brand. Going back to “long tailed keywords” you can use your customers feedback to focus on keywords to target in future blog posts. 

If you’re worried about getting bad reviews, don’t. It’s simply impossible to please everybody and bad reviews are bound to happen at some point. Instead of deleting these reviews we recommend replying publically to them. Ask what went wrong and how you can make it right, followed by a private message invite. DO NOT reply negatively or call out the customer.

When you do this you’ll come across as unpleasant and may drive hundreds of customers AWAY from your business and into the arms of your competitors. When you reply nicely and are genuine, you’ll come across as caring and a business that is responsive to customer feedback. Use these as a learning opportunity, nobody is perfect.

Looking for ways to generate more, quality customer reviews? 

Offer your customers an incentive

Make it worth it for people to leave you those valuable 5-star reviews! A lot of people simply need a small push to make it worth their while to help you out. What we suggest is a small percentage discount on their next oil change.  if you want to get a TON of reviews you could even host a giveaway. Get customers to put their name into a draw (by completing a review) for the chance at a larger prize like a year’s oil changes for free.

Ask them at the right time though. 

Asking repeat customers is the low hanging fruit (an easy way) of getting new, good reviews. Simply ask them in person when you see them. 

The best way to getting good reviews is to ask customers for a review right after purchase. For example, if they placed an online order for parts, or right after getting service done the odds of you getting a positive review is high. This can be as easy as putting a link on your receipts where you direct them to your: website, Yelp, Google or Facebook review pages. If you really wanna blow your customers away you can send them an automated text or email right when the order is completed.

These are people who just did business with you, and if your service was good, educational and if they trusted what you had to say you can almost guarantee a positive review. 

Create a culture of trust and transparency in the shop

Digital vehicle inspection technology does wonders for customer satisfaction and trust. Shops that use AutoServe1 see their average repair orders increase while satisfying more customers. 

Digital inspections let customers actually understand what is wrong with their vehicle, and why certain repairs are required. How? These digital inspections let technicians insert photos and videos explaining exactly what is going on under the hood. 

When customers have a clue as to what’s happened to their vehicle, and what needs to be done and why they become much more responsive to approving more work. So much so, in fact, shops that implement AutoServe1’s digital vehicle inspection software see an average increase of 25% to their repair orders. 

“they (customers) love it, we get a lot of good reviews off of it.”

We interviewed dealer principal-David on what digital inspections has brought to his business.

Hear what he had to say by watching the short video below: