Maintaining Balance Through the Busy Tire Season

In colder climates, the months of November and December are known as tire season. It is the season during which many customers flock to their local shop to have their warm weather tires swapped for snow tires. According to James McDermott, “Most shop owners have a choice to make during the busy tire season. Do they really want to switch from being in the auto service business to being a tire shop.” McDermott Motors Tirecraft does not. They continue doing their normal business and tires are an add on to that business. It does make them a lot busier, and sometimes they are stretched thin, but they limit their tire business to a portion. McDermott keeps tires to only about 20% of their jobs so it does not limit their regular inspection process or mechanical sales. This arrangement actually increases their ARO.

James McDermott, Owner, McDermott Motors Tirecraft

Margins on mechanical repairs are a lot better than margins on tires. Tires bring consumers in the door, and when the wheels come off the car, it’s a perfect opportunity to do a thorough inspection on suspension, tires, and brakes. So in the busy tire season when most shops see a drop in ARO, at McDermott Motors actually sees an increase.

To ensure there is no adverse impact to any customers, McDermott handles tire work like any other work. They keep to a schedule and book about 12 sets of tires per day. If they can not accommodate a customer on the first day they come in, they always have time slots the next day and the day after that. According to James McDermott, “We try to accommodate everybody the best we can. Our regular customers that know us, trust us.“


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