Making More Money From Your Tools!

Sell More Service

You know how hard it was to earn the dollars to buy your hoists, your scanners, and compressors.  Yet, on average, about $500 worth of service drives out the door on most vehicles unless they are professionally inspected and the results shared with customers.

We did an analysis looking at just over 200,000 invoices where AutoServe1 digital inspections were completed.  The average lift in sales was 22%. Pretty good.   BUT…when the inspections were sent out to the customers – they raised sales 35%!

The lesson – always send out your inspections to your customers.  You may think they don’t need it, but they will reward you with more work.  Sell more every day and earn more money from all those tools in the shop every day.

– Jamie Cuthbert

President & Founder – AutoServe1