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McDermott Motors Tirecraft Creates Trust and Removes Buyers Remorse with Digital Inspections

“The transparency AutoServe1 offers the consumer is fantastic.”

James McDermott, Owner McDermott Motors Tirecraft


McDermott Motors Tirecraft specializes in European repair services and has been providing downtown Toronto, Ontario with complete Tire & Auto Services since 1995. McDermott Motors was built on a foundation of customer satisfaction and for over 2 decades has kept to that standard using the latest in automotive technology, the best parts, and the right education for his whole team.

Owner James McDermott began his automotive career as a technician in Ireland in the early 80s. Now, at 53, instead of looking at exit strategy, he’s looking at expansion. “There are so many opportunities if you look for them. There is real money to be made in the auto repair business. It’s not unusual for technicians to be making 6 figures. It’s tough work but you have to keep learning and educate yourself.”

A few years ago James noticed elevator techs using cell phone software technology and wondered why there wasn’t something similar for the auto industry. He looked into creating something similar but he was always told it was just too difficult. In 2015, he began researching available digital inspection software and looked at 5 different programs before settling on AutoServe1.


They picked Autoserve1 for two reasons. First, It’s simple and easy to use for both the team in the shop and for the customer. Second, for the tight integration with their shop management system. James said, “The way work orders move seamlessly from Protractor to AutoServe1 and back to Protractor makes the whole process a breeze.”


One of the greatest improvements McDermott noticed was communication, both within the shop and to the customer. Service writers do not have to go back to ask so many questions about a job as they used to because they get a clear and well documented view of what’s wrong with the vehicle. They can see the pictures and videos the technicians took and review notes left with each inspection item. The pre-defined drop downs in AutoServe1 take the guesswork out of it for both technicians and service managers. If there are problems with the front brake pads a technician can select one of three or four options and the service manager knows exactly what it means.

AutoServe1 also makes sure that the technicians follow the same process each time for every car and that they don’t miss or forget an item. It gives McDermott more confidence that technicians are looking at the whole car. And the shop’s pictures policy ensures that they are not just skipping through a checklist. They are required to take pictures of good things not just the bad ones. According to James McDermott, “We want our customers to know that they have a really good car and it’s worth getting work done that it needs. Anybody can just go down a list and check them all off. When we send them a report with pictures of their good tires, clean air filter and clean brake fluid, the customer knows that we are really checking the car.”

A benefit that McDermott Motors didn’t count on is how AutoServe1 helps them with their customer retention programs. They want their customers to be excited about the inspection report that they are going to receive, so they set expectations right away at drop off. The Service Manger lets them know that they want to be able to keep them in the loop about what’s happening with their car, and will be sending them a complete findings report including pictures. And they explain that this is why they need the customer’s cell phone number or email address to receive the report. With this program in place, McDermott’s email and phone number capture rate jumped to 91%. Their customers really look forward to getting the report and even mention it in their google and yelp reviews.

McDermott Motors had already been a very successful business for a number of years so they did not look at digital inspections primarily as a tool to improve ARO, and did not expect to see a huge increase. But, they have increased profits by 15% this year.


According to James McDermott, “You have to want to succeed. We wanted it to work from the start. In today’s competitive business, if you’re not doing digital inspections then you’re missing out. If you’re not ahead of the curve you’re behind it.”  According to McDermott,  It is definitely worth the hard work up front and it pays out in the end.  It took them a few weeks to build up a good inspection process but soon it became repetitive and was faster and easier.

Looking at the cost of implementing digital inspections meant committing to a budget of around $3000 per year which was not a trivial expense. But rather than worry about a return on that investment, McDermott considers it a cost of doing business. Considering the budget, McDermott realized there were a lot of tools for which they were paying a perpetual monthly fee including; software, cleaning, uniforms and others. They would have to prioritize the ones that make the biggest impact. According to James, “If you’re spending on the wrong ones you’re wasting money. If you spend on the right ones, you get value. I think AutoServe1 is definitely a smart choice.” It’s an expense for a technology that makes consumers happier with the way they do business.

McDermott believes it’s how you deliver the message to the consumer about what’s wrong with their car that counts. “We don’t decide what the car needs. The car decides what the car needs. It’s our job to identify and explain those needs to the customer in a way that they see a value in paying for repairs.” McDermott’s approach is that they are primarily responsible for educating the consumer on what the car needs to keep it safe reliable. McDermott says that if shop owners and their staff can wrap their head around that message they’ll easily be able to afford the cost AutoServe1 and be able to improve their business.


AutoServe1 has made their business more professional. James says, “We’ve risen up from being the greasy garage to being a professional business. And even though it’s been that way for some time, the consumer never had a chance to see. Now, we are offering modern cutting edge technology to share what we see. They get to see the team.”

The McDermott Motors business is nothing but a good team of people who are armed with the right tools, the right technology and the right training.

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Profits up 15% this year

Increased email/cell capture rate to 91%

Increased Customer Trust

Improved in shop communication 100%


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“You educate the customer and let them make the decision.”

Martin Healy – Service Manager

McDermott Motors Tirecraft is a member of AutoServe1’s Trusted Inspection Center program fostering transparency and openness. They proudly display the Trusted Shop seal of excellence on their website and in their shop to show that they provide digital inspections as a valued service to their customers.

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