New Features Alert! A SEMA Special Announcement

New Features Alert! A SEMA Special Announcement

You Talked, We Listened. Introducing 3 New Features At SEMA

Auto repair professionals like you are always looking for ways to get the most out of each day. You’re busy, your shop is busy and you need all you can from your tools. They play a big part in helping shops sell, increasing efficiency and creating happy customers through good, honest work. 

We’re always looking for feedback on ways to improve our product. Customers like you made it clear what you want to see in our software. You talked, and we listened.  To help you out just a bit more around the shop, we’re introducing 3 great new features our customers have been craving. 

These features will make it easier for you to get more work approvals, customer reviews and even makes it possible for your customers to make payments from their phone! AutoServe1 is always looking for new, and innovative ways to bring unparalleled value to shops that use our technology. 

Our president and founder Jamie Cuthbert sums up these features quite well. “These new features are complete game-changers for digital vehicle inspections”. Don’t miss out on these great new features, get the inside scoop now.

Site Reviews

One of the most requested features our customers were asking for was the ability to get customer reviews on our software. Not only do you want customer reviews, but you wanted them to be simple for your customers to make. 

It’s almost 2020 and online reviews are absolutely crucial to becoming a successful shop. More importantly, you not only want reviews, but you want GOOD reviews! Research shows that 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses. This increases to 95% for people 18-34! We even found that the majority of these people (57%) will only pick a business if it has 4 stars or more! Now with AutoServe1, a customer can provide positive feedback via their vehicle condition report-easily.

Your customers will be asked if they would like to give your shop a review, and should they hit “yes” they will be taken to the shop’s Google, Facebook or Yelp review page! 

This is a fantastic way to generate tons of positive reviews for your shop. People believe with their eyes (not with their ears.) When your customer gets their digital vehicle inspection full of photos, and videos explaining problem areas it’s no surprise it does wonders for customer trust. 

Once you establish this trusting relationship with the digital report, asking for a review is just common sense. Now your customers can do this with our review feature as soon as they get their reports!

Instant Estimate Approval

The next feature we’re proud to announce is “Instant Estimate Approval.” This exciting new feature will give shops the ability to send their customers an estimate for work they recommended. The customer can then approve it directly from their mobile devices! Shops are then notified immediately and can then proceed with work. 

Why should you care about this? Time is money people! When you have a bunch of cars sitting on your lot, or upon the hoist sitting idle, it can cost shops a lot of time playing “the waiting game.” 

This feature really speeds up the whole process for shops using AutoServe1. With the Instant Approvals feature, shops will never have to waste time trying to connect with customers who are not able to take the time for a phone call. Customers can respond immediately through their mobile devices with their approval upon receiving the estimate!  

This means no more annoying voicemails for you or your shop! This also means you’re shop will be able to get through more service jobs in a day thanks to faster approvals. More service jobs you are able to complete, results in the ability to take in even more customers and grow your business! 

Are you a Protractor or a VAST shop? AutoServe1 integrates well with these Shop Management Systems. This new feature will give you a line by line breakdown of the estimate. 

Mobile Payment

More and more businesses are allowing their customers to take mobile payments. Now with our new Mobile Payment feature, your shop is one of them! 

We’re excited to say we now have integration with 360 Payments. What does this mean? This now allows your customers to make a SECURE payment directly on their phone.

This gives your customers even more choice in deciding how to pay! People love choice and when giving them more/convenient options like our Mobile Payment feature you can do just that. 

Our new Mobile Payment feature also saves your shop time at the counter. Now when the customer comes to pick up their vehicle the payment is already taken care of/prepaid. Many customers love making payments with their phones, especially younger folks. Now even if customers forget their wallets at home and only have a phone, they won’t have to waste time going all the way back for it. 

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