Text Messaging

Auto Repair Text Messaging Software

Two-Way Text is Fast, Easy, & Effective

Texting is a win-win for you and your customers. Send updates, job approvals, invoice reviews, and more. Your customers prefer text communications and will appreciate getting answers straight from the technician.

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Speed Up Service

When a vehicle's service is complete, how long does it take for the information to flow from the mechanics in the garage to the service advisors at the front desk, and finally to the customer? If you aren't sending text messages, it's too slow. Texting guarantees faster responses, which speeds up and simplifies the job approval process.

Get Responses Faster

People respond to texts almost five times faster than phone calls, so when you need a customer to weigh in or complete payment, a text is the right way to get it done quickly. AutoServe1 notifies customers when the digital vehicle inspection is complete so they can instantly see what the mechanics do and approve any alerted repairs.

Eliminate Miscommunication

How much of the message has been watered down by the time a customer hears it? Suppose your shop relies on mechanics and service advisors to translate information to customers. In that case, two-way texting will do more than save time. By sending the information from the source to the customer's fingertips, it will also eliminate miscommunication.

Track Customer Correspondence

Although our messages are automated, they look and perform just like normal texts. And like a normal text message application, our software stores text history so shops can keep track of all customer correspondence. This can come in handy when you need to verify customer feedback or check in on your team's productivity.

A Simple Text Can Change Everything

For auto repair shops, a huge chunk of time is spent working with customers -- listening to their concerns, explaining what is wrong with their vehicle, and describing the necessary repairs. Skipping over vital communication causes customer service to slip. Fortunately, AutoServe1 has developed the perfect solution that speeds up your shop's service without sacrificing customer satisfaction -- two-way texting! Our auto repair text messaging software is proven to have positive impacts on the shop and vehicle owners.