Pro Founder Tip: Sharpen Your Saw & Prepare For Fall

By Jamie Cuthbert
Sharpen your saw. Invest a little time now to save a whole whack of effort this fall.
You know the drill – open up the garage door – greet customers, take care of their needs, manage staffing issues, deal with part supplier challenges and keep grinding till the end of the day, the end of the week and the end of the month.
One thing that successful lumberjacks know is that sawing is hard work but spending 1 hour sharpening their saws each week saves them 10 hours of effort and breakdowns the next week.
Do you want a 10 to 1 return on your effort too?  
August and early September are the perfect time to take action to sharpen your team’s saw blades.  Stop and get some simple training and coaching system in place that you have put off for too long. Just make the call. We like the work done by RPM Training, ShopPros Coaching and ATI.   If digital inspections have been hovering just outside your radar – get active and ask for a demo from a digital inspection firm so you can get trained and ready for the big blast of business coming in the fall.
Why not catch more business coming in your door everyday?  You have a break – now is the time to sharpen.