Quick Customer Convenience + Service Tips

Quick Customer Convenience + Service Tips

Make it a seamless, customer-centric, easy experience for your customer

With digital vehicle inspections, customers no longer have to wait anxiously for a phone call about their car. They no longer have to get back to you with voicemails or take calls during their busy workdays. Instead, they are notified through text or email when the inspection report is done. Customers can then view the findings and approve work right from their smartphones. Easily and with a tap of a button work can then begin immediately. 

Not only is this convenient for the customer, but it’s great for shops too. No longer will you have to wait all day on a callback for work approval. When the customer approves work from their phone you can begin and finish work, then move on to the next car. This helps shops get more jobs done, effectively increasing their car count AND average repair orders.

We at AutoServe1 know customer convenience is key. That’s why we built our mobile payments and instant estimate features. Customers now have an option to pay with their phones thanks to our 360 payments integration. Giving your customers a choice in how they pay is always a great idea. Say they forgot their wallet at home but only have their phone. Well, now they no longer have to run back home to get their wallet.

Another customer convenience tip you can have is self-check-in and easy drop-offs. We recommend shops have a night time drop off station for customers who work during the day. Have a small dropbox where customers can simply drop off their keys so techs can begin working first thing in the morning. This saves customers valuable time in the morning when they have to rush to work and get their kids to school. 

We would also recommend having a nice waiting room for your customers. This may seem unnecessary because “most of my customers leave after drop off.” To that we say, what about your customers who have no choice but to wait? Do you have any chairs or anything to make them comfortable in the meantime? What about the customer with a couple of  kids complaining of “just wanting to go home!” The point here is to make your customers as comfortable as possible. Offer them free wifi, coffee, tea or even water.

Looking to go the extra mile? Get a cheap used video game console off eBay or craigslist for customers with kids. Their parents will appreciate the distraction and the absence of children complaining. Not only will these customer convenience and comfort tips ease your customer, but it may help put them in a better state of mind. When customers feel comfortable they can be much more willing to have a serious chat about their vehicle when the time comes. They won’t have to impulsively make a decision with kids screaming their ears off.

The next step is retaining past customers, getting new customers through referrals and getting more vehicles on your lift(s). Click here to learn more.

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