SEMA 2019 Announcement!

We’ll Be At SEMA 2019 And We Couldn’t Be More Excited!

We at AutoServe1 are extremely happy to announce that we will be attending SEMA this year in Las Vegas Nevada! We’ll be there for the whole show from November 5-8th showing the world the future of automotive inspections & shop transparency.

As it’s the biggest automotive trade show in the world we couldn’t be more honored to attend this year. SEMA draws thousands every year and always attracts the greatest minds in the automotive industry. This really is a snapshot of the future of the automotive industry.

As a company that prides itself as being at the forefront of technology and change in the automotive world, it was no question we would be there in Vegas. It’s the best time of the year to learn all about the industry, what trends are taking the industry by storm and more.

We love it. That’s why we flew from our headquarters in Toronto, Canada to take part, grow connections and show people the future of vehicle inspections and repairs.

We’ll be setting up meetings and live demonstrations of our digital vehicle inspection software. This is to show auto professionals exactly what the future looks like when it comes to vehicle inspections. We’ll also be highlighting our brand new features so be sure to stay tuned!

What Customers Want

The unfortunate truth in the automotive industry is that shops have a bad reputation thanks to some bad eggs. Customers demand truth, they demand honesty and transparency when they take their vehicles into the shop for service. 

Customers would have to accept that they’re not experts and would have to take the shop’s word for it. This leaves customers with some doubt into if the work they just approved was really necessary. 

With old school ways of auto repair, shops wouldn’t really show customers what was wrong, or why repairs were required. When you mix doubt with poor experiences in the past and a bad industry reputation it leaves a lot of shops missing out on sales. Not only are they missing out on sales, but customers would also often refuse work that is necessary for safety’s sake! 

As automotive professionals, we’re left in a tough spot. You have to inform your customers about these issues and if they refuse they could be putting themselves or other people on the road in danger! If they do approve the work you’re often heckled and talked down to like some common criminal. If they do leave without having the work done their vehicle is essentially a ticking time bomb… You can explain exactly how much worse the problem will get, but to no avail, the customer thinks you’re only trying to upsell them on “unnecessary” work…

Often people question if it’s really possible to do both. The answer here is a resounding “YES!” The answer is through implementing the right tools, the right staff, and new technology.

“What Technology Will Help Us Achieve this?” The answer is through ditching the pen and paper to a more modern approach- digital inspections. 

Cutting Edge Auto Inspection Technology At SEMA

What we’re setting out to do at SEMA this year is showing the automotive world the future of auto inspections. Let’s face it, paper is old and there’s no place for paper inspections while more transparent options are out there. 

From the environmental impact to using paper to lost reports and often sloppy and illegible handwriting there’s a lot of reasons it’s time to switch from paper to digital vehicle inspections. 

We’d say the number one reason to make the switch is the clear profitability and sales increases that come with using digital vehicle inspections. 

How will these new inspections help?

Easily Increase Your Average Repair Orders

Most people who bring their vehicles into the shop only want the bare minimum done to their vehicles. They come in with the preconceived notion that the shop will try to upsell them on a ton of  “unnecessary work”. Even when there are serious concerns regarding the customer’s vehicle, it’s often passed over. The customer is stuck with the idea that “you’re just trying to pry more money from me!”

Most people figure if their vehicle turns on and runs, the work you’re trying to sell them is not needed. The vehicle may even last a lot longer than expected, but it really is a ticking time bomb in a lot of cases like we previously mentioned. 

Digital vehicle inspections are the key to getting these tough customers to actually agree to work that will prolong the life of their vehicles. AutoServe1 gives advisors the ability to show customers exactly what is wrong with their car. This is done by including clear images and video right in the inspection reports! 

When your customers can clearly tell what is wrong with their vehicle they are much more open to approving extra work they weren’t expecting.

 It’s such a strong sales tool that we conducted a case study outlining how much more power it gives to shops. This case study found a 25% increase in shops (that use AutoServe1)  AROs. 

Not only would you get more work approvals, but you’d also get approvals FASTER than before. 


AutoServe1 Two Way Texting 

Another problem shops face is simply not hearing from customers. After inspecting a customer’s car, shops try getting work approved ASAP so they can free up space for the next car. 

Before digital vehicle inspection software, you would have to hopefully connect with a customer on the first try through calling them. More often than not, shops wait hours for customers to get back and when they do it’s often a dreaded voicemail.

People’s lives are busy, it makes it tough on them to make a call as they’re in the middle of a workday. With our two-way texting feature, shops have the ability to send the customer the full report right to their smartphones. No paper and no phone call required! 

Reports are fully detailed including images and a video explaining problems. Customers can then view the full report and approve work right from their phones! Finally, no more annoying voicemails and waiting to hear back from them off shop hours.

Increased Shop Efficiency

This is huge for shops looking to get the absolute most out of each workday, and each employee at the shop. We know this and built our software to help shops in this regard. 

Our custom inspection tool called Builder1 allows shops to have custom inspections for all the specialized services they may offer. It brings intuitive design and simplicity together to make your inspection process faster and easier for your technicians. Builder1 gives users complete flexibility to customize their shop’s inspection options.

With drag and drop options for screen tabs, sections, and section items, shop owners can quickly customize their AutoServe1 platform. This helps match their technician’s work and inspection reporting process. This would improve how each tech works and really help you get more out of each worker.

Want to learn more about digital vehicle inspections? We’ll be at SEMA this year and would love to connect with you! Secure your free demonstration (while spots are still available!) by clicking the link below!