Steering Success: Improved Service with AutoServe1 – Master Mechanic

Steering Success: Master Mechanic-Newmarket Finds Success with AutoServe1

Getting customers to trust what your experienced service technicians are doing is a constant struggle in the auto service industry.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, customers will not take your word for it despite your repair technicians being qualified in their field.This is nothing new, and for a long time it was seemingly the norm: part of the job. But, at AutoServe1, we’re challenging the status quo and transforming how vehicle inspections are done to increase your trust and transparency with customers.


For Newmarket Master Mechanic owner Craig Evans, AutoServe1’s digital vehicle inspection tool has not only increased his shops average repair order, but improved his shop efficiency and customer retention.

This new level of customer communication offers technicians a mobile app with photo and video sharing capability. From expected problems to newfound issues during the inspection process, Craig’s service technicians are able to directly communicate with the customer throughout the whole repair job.

This keeps his customers informed every step of the way. The results? Craig’s customers are increasingly satisfied with his shop’s service.

“These new digital inspections impress my customers – even my existing ones” 

It makes a difference when customers can actually see where their money is going. These visual aids to a service technician’s expertise is an effective way in getting the customer to increase their repair order right away.

“I had a customer come in yesterday for an oil change for $39.95.  When we were under the car – we saw oil leaks and took pictures.  It was an Amber level warning only for a future visit and we sent it to my customer. They called me back immediately, asked the price and if the seal could be replaced immediately. My $40 oil change became a $340 ticket.  My customer was happy and I didn’t even sell them. This is an amazing tool for us.”

Time and time again, we’re pleased to hear of the positive impact AutoServe1’s digital vehicle inspection tool has had on shops like Craig’s across North America. Customers are increasingly more trusting in their service technician’s expertise and reporting.  

On the flip side, technicians are happy with the improved relationship with their customer and the benefits it brings to their ARO.