Stuck in a Seemingly Never-Ending Voicemail Loop with Service Repair Customers?

Make your life easier by saving time NOT listening to voicemails.

Cut through the clutter and shoot them a simple text!

The world is constantly changing. People are increasingly in situations where a text is a much better means of communication than phone calls – or even worse VOICEMAIL.

If somebody is having a busy day, out and about running errands or even in a crowded room, making a phone call to let customers know about service recommendations can be challenging and the cause of some headaches.

With so many distractions in society, it’s understandable why so many people are avoiding phone calls and only use text to communicate.

Some major reasons for this include: Being in a busy loud shopping mall full of people, taking public transit, squealing cars on the street, noisy coworkers, crying babies or even if somebody is shy they may be avoiding phone calls and voicemails.

Two-Way Texting

As texting is quickly becoming the favourite means of communication between people in a busy world; it’s crucial to inform people of our latest feature to save you time.

This is where AutoServe1’s new Two Way texting feature comes into the picture. This feature makes it simple to communicate directly with customers.

Instead of waiting hours to hear back from a customer you left a voicemail for, just leave a text. Customers have the ability to view service recommendations immediately, and inform technicians to proceed with service all with the click of a button.

When you have finished a vehicle inspection, you can get in contact with your customer easily by text message. You can simply communicate through our texting feature and get the fixes customers want FAST, so you can begin the next job. Your customers will be approving service jobs faster, your shop will be completing more jobs efficiently and improved communication between your team and customers will feel effortless.

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