This was the most impressive referral idea I’ve ever seen!

A shop in Kentucky bought a 60″ flat screen (about $700?) and placed it still in the box – at reception with a big bow on it saying THANK YOU!  For every referral you gave the shop (name and email/phone number) to a friend or other relative etc who was not yet a client, they gave you a simple piece of paper to fill in your first name and the first name of who you recommended and they stuck it on the box.
This attracted more people to add more referrals. They then sent out an email + made a friendly phone call to all those referred. At the end of the  30 day period – they drew 2 names – not 1.  1 was for the referrer who got the TV and 1 was for the name of one of the new clients that showed up as a new referral in the shop!  They advertised that 1 lucky new client who had been referred by the others would win an equal TV.
They received about 60 new referrals and earned over 23 new clients – all for the cost of about $1500.  I thought that was pretty cool.

Best regards – Jamie Cuthbert

Founder & President of AutoServe1