We’re Thrilled to be Honored by Firestone Direct

We hate to brag but we just can’t keep the good news to ourselves any longer. Several months ago, we were surprised by a call from our friends at Firestone Direct with the amazing news that AutoServe1 had been selected as its Technical Partner of the Year Runner Up! Now, we didn’t win the pole position – this time! – but we’re gunning for top honors in the near future.

If you haven’t yet heard of Firestone Direct, you probably soon will. It’s a mobile vehicle service for car owners and fleet operators, bringing safe, contact-free service directly to homes and businesses. It’s growing fast, with ambitions to be nationwide in the U.S. by 2023.

Launched just over a year ago in select markets, Firestone Direct uses custom-designed and specially equipped vans operated by certified technicians to deliver a wide range of maintenance services, including fluid and filter changes, tire repair and replacement, battery check and replacement, and more.

So where does AutoServe1 come in? The Firestone vans employ leading-edge technologies, including AutoServe1’s digital vehicle inspection (DVI) tool that quickly translates inspection findings into clear recommendations for the car owner, helping them feel empowered to make educated decisions. The AutoServe1 technology is web-based, user-friendly, and provides comprehensive vehicle reports, complete with photos, that can be sent directly to a customer’s smart device in seconds.

Our CEO and Founder Jamie Cuthbert could hardly contain his excitement for this accolade. “We’re gratified to be recognized by Firestone Direct as a trusted partner in the launch of this exciting mobile offering,” he said. “The Direct service is a testament to Firestone’s commitment to providing an excellent customer experience, and we’re thrilled that our DVI technology is building trust with customers and adding value to the program.”

FSD NAME, TITLE added: “AutoServe1 has had tremendous positive impact in helping to make Firestone Direct efficient and seamless for both the customer and the technician. As we continue to grow this important mobile car care program, we’re delighted to offer matchless convenience, transparency, and digital technology, thanks to partners like AutoServe1.”

To say we’re proud of this feather in our cap is an understatement. We’re elated that the benefits of our digital tools are making a difference in excellent customer service, and are so widely adopted, even beyond the brick-and-mortar walls of service lanes and auto shops.

If you want to learn more information about Firestone Direct services and availability, visit FirestoneDirect.com.

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