What Do People Look For In A Car Dealership?

Online Sales

Online shopping is booming. More and more consumers are doing their shopping online (if not all their shopping). Not only are more consumers buying online, but they are doing their research online as well. Dealerships are being thrust into the future if they like it or not. People are beginning to expect online sales in the purchase process.

 Why Should Dealerships Incorporate Online Sales?

According to a survey put out by Root & Associates, 53% of consumers are highly likely to complete an entire car purchase solely online. What’s the reason for this? People are simply finding it much easier and convenient as they can shop at any time they want and from anywhere. Consumers have the ability to conduct research and buy most things they want from their mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Why not cars? 

After the survey was shown to dealership principals, 53% were interested in incorporating online sales. Before the survey, only 35% said they were interested in online sales. That’s an impressive increase.

When dealerships offer online sales, it also expands their business hours in a way. Instead of having a standard 9-5 day, where sales stop at the “end” of the day, online sales continue 24/7. So for those people who don’t like going out, online shoppers and people who are awake at night such as night workers, online sales give them a way to still car shop.

This gives car buyers the ability to save time, and reduce their stress.  People get to go through the car buying experience fully on their own time, where they can really take time and ensure they get something that suits them. People also won’t have to worry about rushing to the dealership after work to make it before close. 

 Younger Car Buyers

Most of the people interested and willing to buy a car online fit the younger demographics as opposed to older people. As the younger generations age and become the primary buyers of cars, the numbers will spike well past 53%. This generation simply expects online sales when shopping.

We recommend dealerships and even smaller shops incorporate online sales NOW to get ahead of the competition. This gives you the edge for these younger consumers, and the higher probability they return to you later down the road when they need another newer car.

How Online Sales Help The Leaders

One rising car brand: Tesla, is taking online sales to a whole new level. People can essentially only order Tesla’s online, from the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

We can see this online sales trend rising as the Tesla sedans are quickly becoming one of the top-selling vehicles in North America. Tesla sales have jumped an astounding 25913% over 6 years. They were delivering 321 vehicles during the third quarter of 2013, fast forward to 2018 and they deliver 80,142 vehicles.

The customers simply enter what they want online, choose the options they want and enter their information. The car is built in California and shipped to the nearest Tesla service center for the customer to pick it up. If there isn’t one, they ship it right to the customer’s house.


Trust and Transparency

The number one thing people expect from a dealership is trust, and transparency in the sales process. There’s been a long-standing distrust of the dealerships and repair shops among consumers. It’s time to change the conversation and ensure customers transparency when they are in need of a dealership’s services.

Showing your customers that your service department has digital vehicle inspections can do wonders for building trust. Not only can implementing digital inspections build trust, but it can also increase average repair orders!

Customers want to know why service is being recommended. Giving them the ability to get informative images, and video showing them exactly what the mechanics see shows your customers you care and are trustworthy.

Make your customers feel like they are in charge of the transaction, they need to feel like the boss. Don’t oversell them, when people are being pushed to buy all the extra add-ons even after saying “no thank you” it’s likely they take their business elsewhere.

Nobody should feel stressed out, and anxious when they are looking for help. Acknowledge this and understand the car buying experience is a stressful thing for a lot of people as it’s the second biggest purchase someone makes in their lives (after a house).

Give customers a clear, concise explanation of prices. People want to ensure they have the best possible deal, explaining the pricing clearly gives people that extra confidence/trust in you.

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