What is a Digital Vehicle Inspection?

Digital vehicle inspection is a revolutionary way for service repair professionals and car owners to communicate about auto repair. A digital vehicle inspection in its most simple terms is a way to digitally highlight problem areas in a vehicle and relay this information to the customer via a device like a smartphone. This is done by using software such as AutoServe1.

Key features

The software has key features to help both the service repair professionals and the customer. The key features of the software include:

  • Providing service advisors with the ability to scan the barcode of the vehicle to find pending appointments upon arrival.
  • Providing video and picture evidence of the repair.
  • Allows automatic updates of the repair and facilitates the sharing of information about the repairs among technicians.
  • Facilitates up to date progress reports. It changes the way reports are typically done because now auto shops have the ability to include pictures.

All the service providers need are the software and an iPad or tablet. You can read about the other features and how they can help your business here.

Benefits of using Digital Vehicle Inspection

Improving customer relationship

Digital Vehicle inspection is a great way to improve the relationship between customer and service repair professional.

Service repair professionals will be able to show the problem areas on their device to the customer when they first bring in the vehicle. Since it allows mechanics to record both photo and video evidence their customers will have a clearer understanding of what needs to get done.

This is also great because if a problem pops up while working, you’ll be able to show them right away. This evidence helps to establish trust between mechanics and customers because they can actually see the problem for themselves.

The customer can have access to the repairs needed without taking a second out of their busy lives to be there physically. They would subsequently respond with a nifty two-way texting feature. This method of communication is perfect for the new generation of drivers, namely millennials who dread communicating both in person or via phone calls.

Increased profits for auto service shops

Digital vehicle inspections are of great benefit to the auto shops too. Digital vehicle inspection, when utilized by auto repair shops have shown to increase the number of service jobs completed and therefore increase profits. Since many customers like this new technology, it would make sense that they opt for businesses that utilize it.

To learn more about how digital vehicle inspections can help your service repair shop, check out this case study we did on 215 service repair shops: https://autoserve1.com/case-study-215-stores-600000-invoices-25-increase-average-repair-order/