Why Invest In AutoServe1?

With Autoserve1, the trust and transparency between customer and company has never been better. Our industry-leading software has revolutionized the auto-service industry through our streamlined communication software tools.

Company to customer, the digital vehicle inspection software provides up-to-date auto repair reports sent directly from service technicians’ tablets or mobile phones to customers’ smart phones.

50-point inspection reports are completed on our mobile application by technicians, then sent instantly to front desk management where estimates are created. Within moments, full step-by-step reports are sent via text-message with estimates readily available for customers to assess.

By operating on Autoserve1’s digital platform, technicians can provide a reliable, trustworthy dialogue with customers. With options like video and image sharing, voice-to-text reporting and step-by-step recording of the repair process customers can easily see where their money is going, while building a solid working relationship with your company and technicians.

Autoserve1’s management system, WorkFlow1, allows seamless communication between all stages of auto-repair servicing. Technicians can easily update stage-by-stage progress or setbacks opening the lines of communication instantaneously with no hassle.

With customer-relation platforms digitizing at a rapid pace, Autoserve1 offers reliable, streamlined services that improves the efficiency of the auto-repair inspection process.

Not only are customers pleased by Autoserve1’s ability to improve their overall experience with their technicians, auto-repair technicians are too. Autoserve1 has been proven to increase the average repair order by 15 per cent. Whether you’re an independent auto-repair service technician, or a corporate vehicle-repair service center, our software finds the perfect balance of efficiency and quality and improves your profit.

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