Why shop owners may hesitate to adopt digital vehicle inspections.


We at AutoServe1 understand that implementing a new method or procedure in your shop can seem daunting. It’s understandable to have concerns. You’re not crazy for not ditching the pen and paper so fast, and you’re not alone. 

It’s important to understand this and we do sympathize with those struggling to make the switch. Despite the sales we get from selling our services to shops all over North America, it’s not what drives us. It’s not why we get up each morning, it’s not why we fly, drive and chat with our customers all over the world. 

We do what we do to create a culture of trust and transparency in the automotive world. We were tired of seeing passionate mechanics and shop owners struggle to sell much-needed service to customers. 

It was tiring to hear honest mechanics’ service recommendations being brushed off as “being a pushy salesman/mechanic.” We feel for these mechanics and want your customers to understand “You’re only trying to get more money out of me!” is not what your business is all about. 

With this being said, we analyzed the top reasons shop owners/managers hesitate when it comes to implementing digital inspections. 


1) It costs too much money!

Think of it this way. If you just bought $300 worth of stocks would you expect a profit right away? No of course not. It’s an investment, and with investments it takes patience. For those patient enough to wait and trust in the process, the rewards greatly outweigh the initial lost capital. 

We understand spending any “extra” money at your business isn’t ideal but digital inspections are an investment that works. We put together a case study to prove just how much our product has helped our customers. In this case study, we analyzed over 200 shops and 600,000 invoices. What did we find? We found an average increase of 25% to shops’ repair orders that implemented digital inspections!

(Click here to see the full case study!)


2) It will be too much of a headache to get my team on it

Learning something new is always a challenge. You weren’t expected to ride a bike without falling over (again and again and again!) It’s no different with learning how to use your new inspection tool. 

At first, we often hear how the first week or two is quite challenging for shops. Technicians aren’t used to it, service advisors aren’t used to it, managers trying to get everyone on the same page. It’s tough, but once everyone has a common understanding it actually increases shop communication. 

Technology has helped in our everyday lives so much you rarely even think about it. It’s no different in the shop. You learn how to use your new car’s features when you moved on from your old, outdated vehicle. Your new car helps you save on gas, save you time (with your built-in GPS). You wouldn’t expect your old car to last forever. It’s no different than the tools, systems, and processes you use in your shop in your day-to-day life.

Things are constantly changing, and especially in our digital society, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with tech that makes our lives easier. The consequence to avoiding it? You’ll be left behind in your competition’s dust. 


3) How Will Digital Inspections help me and my shop?

Most often customers figure if the car turns on and runs everything must be fine. The reality is, without fixing some of the issues outlined in inspection reports the customer is not driving in a car that is as safe as it can be and may even cause further damage should the recommended repair be ignored.

Digital vehicle inspections give advisors the ability to show customers exactly what is wrong with a vehicle thanks to clear images and video. In simpler terms, the customers see exactly what the technicians see when he/she is doing the vehicle’s inspection.

When the customer can clearly tell what is wrong with their vehicle they are much more open to approving extra work that they didn’t come in for originally. This gives customers peace of mind while driving that they are in a safe car for themselves & their families. 

Not only is it safe, but the car has gotten work that was actually needed.  Safety is always the priority for customers and as members of the automotive industry. It should do us pride when we can give customers the feeling of driving in a car they know is safe, and the work they did was actually needed.

(click here & learn the most crucial reasons to switch from paper to digital inspections.)


4) Why do I need this when I already show/tell my customers exactly what’s wrong?

AutoServe1 helps improve your shop’s performance with innovative communication features. From custom inspections to ensuring everyone in the shop is one the same page, our software helps shops increase productivity, communication, and customer trust.

How do we do it?

Custom inspection options

Customize Your Inspection options with Builder1. This AutoServe1 feature allows shops to have custom inspections for all the specialized services shops can offer.

Our workflow customizer, Builder1, brings intuitive design and simplicity together to make your inspection process faster and easier for your technicians. Builder1 gives users complete flexibility to customize their shop’s inspection options.

With drag and drop options for screen tabs, sections, and section items, shop owners can quickly customize their AutoServe1 platform to better match their technician’s work and inspection reporting process.

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WorkFlow1, gives your team an at-a-glance progress report of the auto repair process. A quick click of the mouse, service advisors can update a vehicle’s status as it goes through the repair process.

When work is approved or parts are ready, notifications can be sent to technicians by WorkFlow1 or even by text, keeping everyone in your shop on the same page.

Younger people crave it

Your competitors are doing it. More and more shops all over the world are making the switch to digitize their inspection process. People love technology, and that’s no secret. It’s not different in the world of auto repair/service. 

Not only are shops making the switch, but Millenials and younger drivers are quickly becoming the generation with the most drivers on the road. These younger drivers need service repair just like past generations but are craving shops that “speak their language” and actually understand them. 

This generation is highly social, and tech-savvy and has been waiting for the automotive world to join them in the 21st century. With digital inspections, you can really educate these new drivers. You would have the ability to include photos and videos right in your inspection reports. When you’re techs are done an inspection, you could then send the report right to their smartphones! 

This really touches on multiple pain points of younger drivers. 

1) You’re really educating them on why repairs are needed. These people may be on the road but they actually know much less about vehicles than their parents and grandparents. They crave knowledge about how their cars operate. When you give them that knowledge you’re creating trust with the customer while giving them value in the form of your expertise.

2) Another thing younger people hate is phone calls and voicemails. They dread picking up the phone when they could just receive a simple text. That little red checkmark indicating a voicemail is the bain of their existence. With our two-way texting feature that pain is gone.

 Shops that use digital inspection software can complete inspections right on tablets, including photos and videos and then send the report right to the customer’s phone! Not only do they get full inspection reports on their phones, but they can accept/approve work with the simple tap of a button! 

(Want to learn more about educating young drivers? Check out our blog here.)